Methods Of Entry And Exit When Scalp Trading The Stock Market

Before you start to look at stocks and decide whether it’s a good short or long trade, you need to know the methods of entering a position. From my last article I described the level 2 and the definition of adding or taking liquidity, which you will need to understand in order to get this next part. To simplify the methods of entry I am only going to cover 2 at this stage. They are called the momentum entry and the average-in.

Convenient Jobs From Your Home

Working from home is an ideal situation for many people, but it can be hard to find the right job to do that. There are actually quite a lot of jobs out there that can be done from your home, such as e-mini day trading, writing, making phone calls, and designing.

Seven Tips When Choosing Day Trading Charts

It doesn’t matter when you started trading, choosing the best charts for your trading goals is a big issue and should be taken seriously because this is going to be your ‘scalpel’ or your ‘hammer’ when you go to work each day as a day trader. Over the past decade I’ve used good and bad charts, here is what I’ve learned that day traders need most.

Thoughts for Option Trading

From your research you have decided that Options are something you want to pursue as a form of Income. One of the best things about Options is that once you understand them there are so many of them and so many different combinations you can use them in.

Favorite Taylor Trading Method Trades

Day and swing traders use Taylor Trading Technique for several favorite trade set-ups. Traders take advantage of positioning their trades in sync with the ‘ebb-and-flow’ of the Markets identified by Taylor Trading Method ‘3-day cycle’…

Options And Stocks May Be An Option To Avoid Recession

The stock market has been going crazy for the past few years and people are losing a lot of money because of this. Everybody detests losing hard earned money. Our stock brokers will tell where to invest but there’s really no fool-proof plan on how to make your money go up all the time.

Spread Betting Guide: Why Spread Bet?

There are a number of alternative options to spread betting for your trading. Listed in this article are some of the advantages spread betting carries over standard trading.

Would You Consider Fixed Odds to Be Gambling and Spread Betting – Futures to Be Trading?

Of course not, however there is an awful lot of snobbery towards those that choose to use fixed odds or binary bets for their trading purposes. In one conversation with a respected trader and analyst, I mentioned that Elm Trader were going to be offering fixed odds products, the reply came back well that’s just gambling!

Day Trading: Review the Tools of the Trade

Today’s traders have far more options than I had 10 years ago, but back then it still felt like there was a million variables to consider. After doing some thorough research I learned a lot of ways to ensure you have the best computer you need for day trading. Below you can review what has worked well for me in the past to configure a great trading machine.

Day Trading: One Of The Strategies With Real Leverage

The real way to day trade with high leverage, and mitigate your losses so that there is always an overall profit. Look at the example written here and ask me if you can disagree…

Trading the Markets – What Are You Not Seeing?

My one-time mentor Keith Cunningham has run numerous businesses and has partnered with and shared the stage with some well known coaches and trainers in the public eye, people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, and Donald Trump, among others. Keith knew Robert Kiyosaki personally, well before his success with the Rich Dad/Poor Dad series, and has taught at Tony Robbins’ Financial Mastery events several times.

Micro Lots General Review

Over the years there have been a lot of changes in the way online Forex trading was operated. One of the reasons adds ones in that were Micro lots. Micro lot trading is an account type where in a higher leverage is practiced.

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