Why Elon Musk REALLY ditched Bitcoin!!!!!!!!!! [shocking]

How to Get Added Value and Confirmation

Professional traders use many indicators to pick a position. The duo of forward and lagging indicators makes trading very profitable. See the different mixes for different time frames and scenarios for successful trading.

6 Skills Every Trader Should Have Going Into Trading

Whether day trading, scalping, or investing, there are fundamental skills that each trader should master. Skill-building activities will help you sharpen your ability to make money and cash in on critical market movements.

How to Avoid Getting Killed

Some simple rules to use when trading to avoid getting killed by the market. Those who do not adhere to a set of rules tend to lose money over and over.

Finding Good Trading Ideas Through Research and Tools

There are thousands of tools for finding investing and trading ideas all over the web. There are a few key things you need to figure out before you use any of them.

Trading Psychology – Doubt

Trading is hard. You have many lessons to learn, and it takes a lot longer than most of us expect. It’s not enough to just develop a positive expectancy system. You need to also learn the lessons of risk management, money management, and overcoming the many challenges of a negative trading psychology. It’s natural that at times we will start to doubt ourselves and our ability to trade. We doubt our ability to meet this challenge. So what’s the solution?

Dealing With Market Uncertainty

The nature of the markets is uncertainty. When you enter a trade, no matter how skilled you are at analysis, there is no certainty in outcome. So how do we, as technical analysts, attempt to work within the uncertainty of price action?

The Hidden Secret of Technical Analysis

Did you know that there is a whole ‘other world’ of technical analysis that most novice traders are either totally ignorant of, or fear to go due to the fact that it might actually require some work? Well, there is! And I’d suggest that if most novices fear to go there, then perhaps it might be worth some investigation

Price Analysis – a Top-Down Approach

Discover how I analyze price. Price analysis for me is essentially a top down approach, working from the macro level of Market Structure (so we analyze the big picture first), then down to the current Trend within that structure, and only then do we look at the current price pattern, whether through candlestick analysis or whatever other method works for you.

My Favorite Trading Strategy

What I’d like to do in this very short article is give you an overview, looking at the strategic level, of how I trade my favorite setup, which will be the one referred to in most of the analysis on my website. We’re talking, ‘the big picture’. Too many people make a critical error in focusing exclusively on their entry triggers, and trying to enter on every occurrence of that signal, without ANY consideration for where that trigger is occurring within the bigger picture market structure.

Day Trading Strategies

Day trading is an important element of online trading. Unlike people who invest in shares to increase their asset value and earn dividends, day traders attempt to earn profits every day.

Day Trading Online – Learn the Basic Strategy

The stock market offers you several kinds of stock options every day. Some of them are associated with long-term investment options where investors can earn substantial profits.

5 Ways to Lose Money Day Trading

Defense wins championships. A good defense gives your team a chance to win; it keeps you in the game. To put this in trading terms, your game plan should keep your losses manageable while waiting for an opportunity to build a position.

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