Emini Day Trading Basics – Momentum, Trend, and Support

Three basic elements that many traders often rely on in their pursuit of profit are momentum, trend and support. But that’s only the basics that are not necessarily guaranteed to make you money. You need more, but at the same time you pretty much have all you need.

How to Benefit From Trend Trading

Any investor is obviously only interested in making the choicest and wisest stock picks. If you are an investor or aspire to be one, here is why you should know how you can benefit from trend trading.

The Real Emini Trading Secrets – Why Trading Forums Suck?

Just because something creates a lot of buzz, does not mean you can use it. More often than not, the buzz hardly translates into some useful knowledge. That applies to many things, especially online, and especially trading forums. Learn how to use them if you don’t want to end up being abused by them.

The Trading Hardware That Competes With High Frequency Trading

High frequency traders are mopping up the market leaving you in the dust. How can you compete?

Making Trading Goals and Achieving Them – How to Succeed

We all know about making goals, right? You know that making goals when it comes to trading is crucial to your trading success. We all make goals very early in the New Year.

Scalping – Do People Really Make Money Out of It?

If you are unhappy with the kind of money you are making by dealing in Forex… Increase your earnings with Scalping. It is quite possible for you to substantially generate more revenues in Forex.

A Forex Trading System

This article tells about the Best Forex Trading System. This article also talks about the Creation of Best Forex Trading System.

Trading the World Markets With Spread Betting and CFDs

With CFDs and spread bets you can decide to buy (go long) or sell (go short) with equal ease. Actually, with spread betting it is even easier with no commission. The catch is in the “buy/sell” spread; the price of shares is adjusted a little i.e. a spread is wrapped around the bid and offer price.

What Is Paper Trading?

This article provides overview of paper trading divulges into historical aspect of it and looks at some controversy surrounding paper trading. Are there more pros or cons in using paper trader to sharpen up your trading skills?

Day Trading Penny Stocks – Why So Many Traders Are Doing It

When it comes to day trading stocks, I think most people almost always think about day trading the large cap stocks, like Microsoft or Apple. I suppose you could make money day trading stocks like these.

Read This AC Markets Review Before You Invest

Forex investing has become popular due to the relatively low amount of money required to get started. AC Markets (also known as ACM Forex) is a major online company for Forex traders. ACM Forex is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has branch offices in Zurich and New York, as well as one in Uruguay. Founded in 2002, it is now one of the top currency-trading sites on the Internet. However, reviews on this company are mixed.

Open Interest On Stock Options

Open interest is the count of how many option contracts exist for the specific combination of underlying stock, expiration, and strike price. More is better, as that leads to smaller bid-ask spreads.

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