Venmo Launches Crypto Purchasing Support

Financial Spread Trading – The Dangers of a Demo Account

So you’ve doubled your demo account and now want to start financial spread trading for real. It’s easy and you’ll get the same results in the real world? Please read this…it could save you a great deal of money.

Emini Trade – 10 Pointers For Choosing the Right Day Trading Class

10 pointers to help you choose wisely when selecting day trading education. Will save you money and wasted time and effort. Decide if you want a live classroom environment or to study in your own time.

Are CFDs Similar to Shares?

CFDs are very similar to conventional shares dealing with a few important differences. With a contract for difference you deal based on the actual price of the stock while paying a commission which is computed as a percentage of the value of the market exposure.

Why Do So Many People Fail at Trading?

The markets themselves are so simple if you know how to read them, and the complexity is not in the market, but in not understanding the psychological issues in trading. Give two traders the exact same instructions and the exact same training, and you will get two different sets of results.

Trading Strategies – What is Right For You?

There are many trading questions which go unanswered. The questions are mostly about what trading strategies to use, should an investor opt for day trade or swing trade, or should the investor hold their position. After all, whether you are a newbie or an old hand at trading, we all want to make a profit when we enter the stock market.

Dealing With Idle Time As a Trader

Trading can be a very exciting career if you are a risk taker, but it will not be the same always. So, to be a successful trader, you need to be patient at certain times which is very important. You may end up waiting for the stock market to enter the uptrend.

What is an Emini?

Ever hear of Eminis? Eminis are an increasingly popular form of day trading which offer the average investor a method of building positive cash flow.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – Do You Trade Like You Exercise?

How many times have you planned to start an exercise program or even managed to start but then life and busyness got in your way. Trading is not so different, so how can you break through the pain barrier and succeed?

Day Trading – Probabilities Versus Absolutes

Trading is the constant assessment of risk and reward. Probability is process by which we decide how and when to trade. I contrast the world of probability with the certainties of absolutes.

How to Day Trade E-Mini Futures

The idea of day trading for a living is, for most, a fantasy. But for a select few of disciplined learners, the concept of working from home through day trading can be an achievable reality. Armed with the knowledge of just a few simple trading strategies and setups, anyone can learn to day trade futures for a successful living.

The i-Ching of Options Trading

The i-Ching is a ancient Chinese book of divination and philosophy. Through its philosophy, the idea of binary coding was born, giving birth to computers today. This article explains my findings on how the i-Ching has explained options trading today thousands of years ago!

How to Find Penny Stocks to Invest in Quickly

Finding penny stocks to invest in can be difficult because there are simply so many of them. From thousands of stocks, how do you choose just one that will make a huge move right after you buy it?

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