Forex Traders! 95% of You Are Destined to Fail – Says Lawyer and Successful Forex Trader

Over ninety percent and as high as ninety-five percent of currency traders will blow out their first account within months and often times weeks or hours of beginning trading. This is not an exaggerated statement or a generalization. It is the cold hard facts. Find out why and how you can avoid this from happening to you. Join the ranks of the elite few who make all of the money.

Why Some Investors Get Into FX Options Trading

An investor, as you, is a well-educated risk taker. An investor always loves the adventures in business, especially in a fast-paced market as with foreign exchange (FX) market. The ups and downs of price movement are really engaging for investors. In their eyes, FX is similar to roller coaster, very amusing. Lucky for them, FX as the biggest financial market provides several instruments to trade; one of it is FX options trading.

Relative Strength Index – How You Can Profit From This Type Of Technical Analysis Indicator

Relative Strength Index is the name of the index introduced by J. Welles Wilder in June 1978 in an issue of “Futures” magazine (formerly known as “Commodities”). He then also introduced it in 1978 in his book “New Concepts in Technical Trading”. The Relative Strength Index is designed to measure the momentum of price action and it ranges between 0 and 100. As we will see in the formula, the index tracks the price to itself and therefore is a measure of velocity.

History of Spread Betting You Should Know About

Spread betting is in the investment industry the use of speculation to win or lose. This is usually quantified in monetary terms. The pay off is determined by the accuracy of the wager and not on the simple basis of losing or winning.

Types Of Spread Bets

Many people are of the misconception that spread betting is only for day trading and very short positions. Whereas the reality is, if you really wish to make money on the markets you need to maximise your trading potential and look outside the box into medium and even long term investments. Here is a brief explanation to the types of trading available with spread betting companies.

Money Manipulators

Scams and Shams come and go They keep on running – one of the most enduring is the Nigerian Letter/Email Scam or, to give it it’s correct name the ‘Advance Fee Fraud’. It’s origins go way back but the Nigerian version got going in 1980’s by some university students and it’s developed into big business with multi millions fleeced out of the gullible every year.

How To Get Started With Online CFD Trading

Understanding online CFD trading can be quite tricky so it can help find out a bit more about it before you make your first tentative steps in dealing with the process as a way to make money. Contract for difference is the act of buying into a contract where you profit on the profit margins made from selling or buying derivative products on the markets.

Day Trading Psychology – How to Survive a Trading Loss

Do you find it difficult to take a trading loss? This article explains seven practical steps you can use to survive and even thrive when taking a loss.

Kondratiev Waves – How You Can Apply Kondratiev Waves To Financial Markets And Profit

Kondratiev waves were developed by Nikolai Dmitrievich Kondratiev (1892 – 1930) at the Agricultural Academy and Business Research Institute in Moscow. His original research covered the major economics of his time: the US, Germany, France and the UK.

Elliott Waves – How You Can Use Elliott Wave Theory To Profit In Trading

Elliot waves are built around the author’s belief that one business cycle consists of a five-wave impulse component and a three-wave corrective component. An impulse pattern is represented by five waves consisting of a distinct move in the same direction.

Basic Steps Before You Do Financial Spread Betting

There was never an easy way to make some profit out from trading the financial markets. Since trading is an ongoing work that every trader will do for the rest of their life, they should have all the proper and necessary things in their trading arsenal. Those things like the knowledge, proper tools to help you analyze the market, great broker that support you with their great services all along the way and extensive training and experiences in doing real live trades are all the component that you must have before you can considering of doing this kind…

The Risks Involved With Trading on the Stock Exchange

Trading in the stock market is similar to running a vehicle in a fast moving high traffic area. You need to have skills acquired before taking up the task, should have pre-tested all your tools and resources and be on the alert while you are trading. The major risks involved with trading on the stock exchange are explained below along with possible remedy in each situation.

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