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Day Trading Basics – What Question Should You Ask Yourself Before Your Purchase A Forex Software?

Whether you’ve been reaping some benefits from this busy industry for many years or you are just starting day trading, you have surely considered, at one point, whether or not you should invest on a good forex software program. There are many benefits for your foreign exchange business, and the main advantages for you are centralization and automation. What does this mean?

Forex Day Trading – Analyzing The 2 Major Risks Of This Lucrative Business!

Like other kinds of investments, forex day trading is laden with risks. This, however, doesn’t mean that the foreign exchange market ceases to be a highly lucrative opportunity. When you understand the brilliant statement below, you will become a smart trader.

Day Trading Mistakes – Avoid These 7 Fatal Deadly Sins!

Forex trading is not really an easy and novice-friendly investment opportunity. You are bound to stumble along the way, and commit some day trading mistakes in the beginning. This is normal. It’s how things go. You learn from your mistakes.

Are Day Trading Futures Right For You?

With the increased volatility in the markets recently, there has been a rash of articles and ads hyping futures trading. This short articles discusses 5 key issues any potential futures trader should consider before beginning their journey down the the path of a futures trader. Before spending any money on the next get rich scheme, this article is a MUST READ.

Day Trading Basics – Do You Know The Forex Fundamental?

Being a $2 trillion a year industry, many people want to try the foreign exhange market to earn an extra income from home. The sad truth is that most of them will fail because they overlooked the day trading basics.

Candlestick Patterns in a Bear Market

As we entered into 2008 with the worst start to a trading year in history, traders still remained conflicted as to whether or not we were entering into a bear market. Last week, the numbers of our economic situation became clear, as we experienced a second month of lowered GDP growth – meaning we are one month away from being in an “official” economic recession. With that said, a bear market may certainly be on the horizon – and many charts on traders’ screens in America are showing bearish patterns.

Trading Is A Competition

Let’s face it, trading is a competition. When one person buys, another person must sell. There is no, “win win” situation in trading. When you win, someone else must lose. This is what is meant by the term, “Zero-Sum.” It is very plain and simple.

Day Trading – A Fantastic Way to Lose Your Money Quickly

Day trading is simply one of the best ways to lose your money and the logic is simply stupid. However across the net, you see huge amounts of day trading systems claiming they can make you profits – but there not quite telling the truth, check this point and you will understand why.

Short Term Stock Trading in 2009 – How to Pick Hot Small Cap Stocks – Trading Techniques

In the stock market its always possible to watch certain stocks go up between 30% and 80% within a few hours or days. And even when you can see stock traders that make $3000 on a single trade, it is also not unusual to see beginner investors lose a great deal of money because of a series of unwise decisions. The problem is that if you don’t know how to choose among stocks & how to properly approach them you could end up wasting good money instead of increasing your profits.

Online Trading – An Easy And Lucrative Option

With the advent of the Internet, several applications are done online. In fact, Internet has opened a new vista for people all across the world. It was like a dream a decade ago, but today, it’s true – everything is within your fingertips.

Psychological Capital – A Trader’s Best Friend

This short article discusses the concept of psychological capital. The author gives multiple examples of how to preserve that capital as you go through the trading day. A Must Read for the active trader!

Trading Rooms – Nuissance or Helpful?

Debates on internet trading chat rooms have been going on for as long as the internet itself has been in existence. No one can agree whether these services provide an added benefit to individuals who wish to become full-time day-traders. Nowadays with so many chat rooms covering every type of market and products that its dizzying where to begin to find which one is the right for the beginning traders.

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