Day Trading is an Awful Life – Do Not Do It

How many people dream of becoming the next Gordon Gekko? Day trading stocks, watching charts. Adrenaline rushes as they watch their stocks soar into the stratosphere or crash and burn.

Executing Day Trades

Day traders buy and sell stock very rapidly within the course of the day with the hope that for the few minutes or hours they own the stock, the value would have gone up in their favor and they grab a quick profit. Day trading is not for the faint of heart.

FOREX Megadroid – The Best FOREX Broker That Suits You and Your Robot

The increase of number of traders brought the increase of automated software programs called FOREX robots and the number of brokers as well. As a beginner choosing the right trading style and the right tool doesn’t end your preparation in entering the world of currencies. You also have to choose the type of broker who will work with you. This article will review the four types of brokers so you’ll have an idea which one will suit you best.

Binary Option Trading – Scenario For a Successful Binary Options Strategy

Binary option trading varies from broker to broker but the basic concept is the same: each trade has only one of two possible outcomes. Binary option trading calls and puts turn over extremely quickly – either hourly or daily. Fortunate day traders find their investments landing consistently in the money – and reaping huge rewards as a result.

Trading Binary Options – High Yield, Quick Turning Trades a Dream For Day Traders

Day trading binary options is one of the fastest growing investments of preference amongst day traders. The high yields and rapid turnover associated with this relatively new investment has created quite a stir a day trading desks all over the world.

How to Put the Odds in Your Favor When Share Trading

The first thing you must learn as a trader is that you have to realize that there is no such thing as a sure thing when you are trading in the stock market. Secondly you must also accept the fact that the stock market can do anything at anytime.

Trading Online Does Not Have to Be Hard

One thing you need to know about trading online is that most people seem to over complicate the matter and they just entangle themselves in their own web of hardship. In its core, the principles of trade is easy, and the execution can be mastered if one actually puts in the time and effort to find out the best ways and practices to go about doing this. Those who whine and moan are generally categorises as two people.

Forex Trading Basics – Understanding Everything About the Forex Market and Currency Trading

Have you thought about trading on the Forex Markets? Do you understand what is involved in the process? Forex is another word for the foreign market exchange. When you trade on the stock market, you are trading on the value of different companies. When trading on the Forex markets, you are trading on the value of different currencies from around the world.

Quality Forex Market Tips – Forex Chart Patterns – Double Top and Double Bottom

The Forex market can be hard to understand if you don’t have the right information to work with. Many companies offer different types of tools to help you to make informative choices if you can understand the tools themselves. Two of these tools are the double top and the double down patterns.

Trading Psychology – An Important Tip on How to Stay Focused While Trading

A question I often hear is, “How can trading psychology help me to stay focused? I seem to easily become distracted and then miss good trades!”

Trading Psychology & Trader Frustration

What does trading psychology say about being frustrated? Here’s the scenario: you’ve been sitting on the sidelines while watching the market rally 50% off the March lows. Are you itching to jump in and buy? Are you frustrated because you are missing profits?

What Are 5 Basic Principles to Technical Analysis?

If you are new to technical analysis, you may be wondering just what technical analysis is. The words my conjure up many different mental images. The goal of this article is to provide the reader, whether a novice or an experienced practitioner, with a brief description of 5 basic principles that are at the core of technical analysis.

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