Eliminate Guesswork in Trading With Proper Money Management

Here we discuss proper money management techniques for day traders. These rules apply to all financial products and securities.

MetaStock Bars Since Function Explained

The Bars Since function is quite self explanatory; it allows you to count back the number of periods since an expression last occurred. When coded, this function returns the number of periods (be it days, weeks, months etc. depending on the periodicity set) since the expression last occurred. Note that the terms `bars’ and `periods’ are interchangeable. If you are new to MetaStock formula then this might seem complex or confusing but once you ‘get it’ you’ll understand why it’s used by so many trading professionals.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – 3 Tips For Developing a Market Classification Scheme

A market classification scheme provides a framework for investment and trading decision making. How should you get started developing a market classification scheme? What are the first steps in creating a robust plan?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Finding an Edge in Market Classification

What does academic research say about beating the market? What do we mean by market classification? What can market classification tell us about choosing the right strategy?

Stock Market Short Selling – How Do You Know Which Stocks to Sell Short?

There are times when you just know that a company’s bottom line is suffering and will continue to suffer. This could be due to bad leadership, poor marketing, ineffective sales, or products that are way ahead of their time or outdated. Would you buy stocks of such a company? Of course not. Read on to find out what you should do …

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Sources of Psychological Pressure For Mechanical Traders

How does a mechanical trading approach adapt to a complex market? When should you adjust your rules as a trader? Is there a place for discretion in mechanical trading?

Day Trading Robot System Review

Day Trading Robot is a stock picking system designed to deliver you winning stock picks at their lowest prices and basically advise you when to enter and exit the market so that you both maximize your profits as well as minimize your losses. I’m 3 months into it myself, so here are my results and take on this system thus far.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Mastermind Meeting Discussion Topics

How can we focus the Mastermind discussion group’s attention? What kinds of topics are worth discussing? How do we keep the group on topic?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Being a Good Mastermind Member

How can a person be a member in good standing? What are some guidelines for being a good citizen so that you can make the most of your membership and also provide support to others?

Why Use Software For Day Trading?

If you’re a day trader, new or experienced, then you know the risk involved and would likely take any shortcuts at your disposal to trade more effectively and safely. A relatively new technology which many traders are beginning to embrace is a specific software for day trading and this article will educate you on the pros and cons of using it in conjunction with your trading.

5 Tips to a Big Trading Payday

Do you recognize when the bigger stock trading profits are there for the taking? Day trading can offer big intra day rewards for the skilled trader. Add these five tips to your trading plan to increase your odds for consistent large pay days.

How to Make $500 a Day From Penny Stock Picks – It is Simply Fantastic

God redeemed me from the life of misery and shame that I had lived for several years when I miraculously stumbled on how to make $500 a day from penny stock picks just by subscribing to an email newsletter. It is now your turn to benefit from this and boost your finances immediately. Get set for the next stock pick coming up next week.

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