Why Stocks Are The Best Day Trading Market

There are a variety of different markets available to day trade, with stocks, futures and forex being the most popular. Each of these markets has its own advantages and disadvantages for a day trader. In this article, you’ll learn why I consider U.S. stocks the best market to specialize in for a day trader.

How To Break Out Of A Trading Slump

Trading slumps are an unfortunate reality for both beginning and experienced traders alike. Even the best traders in the world go through prolonged stretches of under-performance. This article will teach you the tips and tricks I use to deal with a trading slump based on my own experience.

Trading At A Prop Firm Vs A Retail Account: Which Is Better?

This article examines explains the differences between trading at a proprietary trading firm as compared to trading a standard retail brokerage account. It lists the pros and cons of each approach and things every trader must consider when making this decision.

How To Find The Best Stocks For Day Trading

This article will teach you how to find the best stocks to day trade. It includes the guidelines and rules I follow to determine whether a stock is suitable for day trading and how to find those stocks.

The 7 Best Trading Books Of All Time

This article lists the seven best trading books of all time. Reading these books will give you a great overview of trading as well as some practical trading tips.

E-Mini Trading: Trendline Breakouts, Breakdowns, and Volume

Trend breakouts and breakout volume share two important factors (among a list of other important variables) in shaping the likelihood of a successful trend breakout or breakdown. For obvious reasons, volume in a specific direction is a key ingredient in a successful trade.

Bring in Extra Earnings by Investing in Binary Options Trading

The net is proving to be among the best platforms to conduct business in the digital age. Old and new ventures are shifting their attention to making opportunities on the net. One of the latest trends is binary options trading.

Binary Option: What Exactly Is It About?

Do you like taking risks with money? Binary options trading may be for you. There are big gains to be made once you learn how to play the game. This text breaks down the basic principles behind it.

How to Get That Reliable Option Trading Training Today

Do you wish to learn more about investments, stocks and option trading? Do you think you need more research, tutorials and other option trading training to begin with and help you out? If yes, read on and begin your options trading ventures here.

Using Spread Betting to Hedge Current Positions

This article looks at how private investors can use spread betting to hedge positions. It begins with a discussion of traditional hedging strategies as used by hedge funds, before explaining how it can be more accessible.

The Advantages of Spread Betting

This article discusses the advantages of spread betting when compared to traditional forms of investing. An explanation is given of each advantage as well as some advice on how to get the most out of each difference.

Forex Millions, No Experience, With Forex Robots

Forex robots, also branded as ‘expert advisors’, are merely one of the many forex software choices available to private forex traders. Aside from the profit Prospective, certain forex traders are drawn to utilizing forex robots because the difficulty and complication of having to gain knowledge of the market themselves can be a bit scary. Forex robots are automated programs, designed to run on the popular Metatrader 4 platform.

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