How to Master a Great Forex Trading Secret

I, was shorting the EUR/USD, 2Q14 and I would at times experience the market not doing exactly what I expected. Imagine that!! What to do? Put in a 20 pip stop loss then reenter a short again? After all that is what you learn from the free educational sites from the brokers.

Instead of the ES, Newer Traders Should Begin Their E-Mini Trading On These Contracts

In a recent article I questioned why so many new and struggling intermediate-phase traders insisted on trading the S&P 500 e-mini contract (ES). This is a very difficult contract to trade for the initiated and without extensive experience, and a pretty deep bank account, e-mini trading on the ES can be a frustrating experience. Self-trained e-mini traders often question me why the extensive study they have performed doesn’t seem to go “by the books” when actually trading this contract live.

Which Platform Is the Best for E-Mini Trading?

Often times the platform you use will be dictated by the choices offered by the brokerage you choose you choose to trade. Further, each individual will gravitate to the e-mini trading platform on which they learn to trade, regardless of the quality of that trading platform. In my experience the quality of trading platforms ranges from absolutely dreadful to top-notch.

Can You Design a Successful E-Mini Trading Plan?

The general trend in e-mini trading has been the elusive search for plain-Jane trading systems that are simple to trade and understand. If you have read any of my articles, you know I tend toward more complex but understandable and executable e-mini trading plans that isolate and measure interrelated variables that alone have marginal individual predictive properties; but when used together they form a synergistic trading system that has the possibility of predicting high probability e-mini scalp trades.

What Single Variable Do All Successful E-Mini Traders and Scalpers Have In Common?

Though they think they can be successful, a significant numbers of traders who approach me for mentoring talk about their most successful trade. When I press them further and more pointedly by asking, “Okay, but overall is your account positive or negative since you began trading?” Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of these traders sheepishly admit they are negative overall in their trading.

Are You One of Those Individuals Who Should Avoid E-Mini Trading At All Costs?

We have come a long way, and these days anyone with a trading account and a computer can call themselves an e-mini trader. Equal access to the markets is a great thing; but there are individuals who probably should avoid e-mini trading at all costs.

Why Every Novice E-Mini Trader Should Steer Clear of the ES

I can’t begin to describe the number of people with whom I spoken about trading that want to learn e-mini trading on the e-mini S&P 500 (ES e-mini contract). These are generally individuals who have read some DIY book that describes the fantastic experience one can enjoy reaping daily profits trading this contract. Generally these new traders are dead-set on just the ES and will not settle for anything less. In my opinion, the ES is one of the most difficult e-mini trading experiences one can endure.

Which Are the Best Markets to Day Trade?

There are many different markets for a day trader to choose from. Choose the one which best suits your style of trading.

A Review Of 3 Of The Best Binary Options Brokers

For you to be successful in your trading endeavors, you need to have the right trading broker with you. If you are unsure of the broker that you should go for, here are some of the most reputable binary options brokers that you should consider buying from.

5 Important Lessons in Learning to Day Trade Crude Oil Futures With Confidence

The Crude Oil futures contract (CL) strikes fear in the heart of many beginning traders because it can, at times, be a volatile beast. But such is not always the case; the majority of the time the CL contract moves at a brisk pace and displays characteristics that not only make it a tradable contract, but a highly desirable instrument to trade.

Which E-Mini Trading Indicator Gives Traders A Clear View of the Next Market Move?

The goal of any e-mini trading system is to demonstrate the ability to accurately forecast the timing and direction of price movement. To be sure, there are literally thousands of trading systems that claim to place e-mini traders in a position to place trades that are timely and profitable. After all, why place a trade without having a reasonable expectation of making money in e-mini trading? For that matter, why bother even trading when you can just put it in the bank with no risk?

How To Scalp the Russell 2000 E-Mini Futures Effectively and Consistently

Upon first examination, the Russell 2000 E-mini futures contract is intimidating to the uninitiated trader. If you had your heart set on trading the ES contract, which is by far and away the most actively traded e-mini offering, the Russell 2000 (called the TF) has an extraordinary amount of price movement; which is exactly why you should consider the TF as one of the contracts you add to your trading repertoire. This dynamic contract presents the experienced trader and well-trained novice trader with set-up after set-up on a daily basis.

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