Forex Day Trading – An Overview

Forex day trading is a risky business taking a lot of capital. Learn what it takes before you take the leap.

Is Day Trading Stock Options A Bad Strategy

However, trading stock options can be a great way to leverage your investment. For a small fee, with a defined risk, you can control a large amount of stock. The primary thing to remember, options are a wasting asset. When expiration Friday arrives, the option expires. If the option is in the money, you can either use it purchase the stock or redeem the option for the premium value. If the option expires out of the money, you have lost your investment.

Learning To Profit From Forex Day Trading

If you learn Forex trading and the techniques and processes involved, it is possible to profit from Forex day trading.

Why People Choose Day Trading?

“Day trading” means that a trader tries to make money buying and selling stocks during the day taking advantage of the daily price movement. Day traders end the day flat (with no open positions).

Forex Day Trading Systems – Making Big Consistent Profits From Them

The rise in popularity of online currency trading has seen a huge surge in the number of forex day trading systems sold. They are an attractive option for many novice traders, who see them as a low risk high reward way of trading.

Day Trading – The Chart Illusion That Will Wipe Your Equity Out

Day trading in forex and shares is extremely popular but there is an illusion that day traders fall for that can and does wipe them out. Are you falling for this chart illusion? Read on and find out..

Day Trading Penny Stocks – Speed Racing

So you’re interested in starting to invest in the stock market. I’m guessing that, more specifically, your interested in penny stock investments. Most people don’t even know what a penny stock is, and the ones that do don’t know how to handle them! Let me tell you something my friend… day trading penny stocks is like watching speed racer on TV.

Swing Trading Vs Day Trading

To day trade, or not to day trade? That is the question. The answer – swing trading.

Can You Really Make Money Day Trading Futures?

Making money day trading futures is like making money trading in any financial market. It all starts with having a plan, and then executing the plan to the letter in order to make profits.

FOREX Day Trading – The Dangers of Curve Fitting

In Forex day trading you see many systems that have fantastic track records in back testing, yet they can never match this performance in real time and the trader wipes out his equity. The reason for this is the concept of curve fitting – if you don’t understand its significance you will lose.

Currency Day Trading – My 5 Biggest Mistakes

The most challenging part of currency day trading is not working with technical indicators or analyzing chart patterns. Mental discipline and emotional control are they key factors emphasized by professional traders. Here I document my 5 biggest mistakes and hope this will help you identify behavior patterns you may need to correct with your own trading.

Currency Day Trading- The 20 Day Plan

For currency day trading to succeed there must be a plan. New traders often have a problem sticking to it. This article sets out a 20 day plan covering 4 trading weeks to help the newer trader divide each day into 3 segments which will provide grounding in profitable trading methods.

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