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The Benefits Of Using The Elliott Wave Theory

When it comes to trading techniques and market cycles there is a lot to learn. Here are some benefits to using the Elliot wave theory.

Day Trading Ideas for Traders With Little Time

Finding a good stock to day can be a challenge for traders with little time to research the night before or the morning of a trading day. Find a couple simple methods for seeing what is likely to move, likely yielding several worthy day trading stocks poised for big moves.

Tragic Mistakes That Day Traders Should Avoid

There is absolutely nothing that is scarier than the prospect of losing every bit of your money. For the beginning investor the day trader market can seem like one of the scariest places around, though investors who have at least some experience in the stock market typically have less difficulty than those who have no experience at all. In order to gain the experience that you need though, you absolutely have to dive right in.

Do You Understand What Your E-Mini Futures Clearinghouse Does?

When you place an e-mini trade, a chain of events initiates from your individual broker to a clearinghouse; the clearinghouse acts as a third party that steps between the buyer and seller (the two original e-mini traders in this transaction) and assumes the legal counterparty risk for the transaction. This process of transferring the trade title (from the brokerage) to the clearinghouse takes place without any trader participation, and is a seamless operation that generally leaves the trader unaware of the actual process that takes place after he or she executes a trade. A clearinghouse performs a number of…

Economic Factors Determining Market Prices and Foreign Currency

Early in the morning on the first Friday of every month the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the famous Non-Farm Payroll Report, which is the most awaited piece of economic news market traders of all kinds look forward to. Non-Farm payrolls is the most reliable of the economic indicators and gives us information about the number of jobs added or lost in the U.S. economy over the past thirty days exclusive of jobs in the agricultural sector, and is eagerly awaited by so many investors, because it’s responsible for many of the largest single-day price swings in history, and much money can be quickly earned when markets are moving so much.

Should I Backtest My Day Trading Strategy?

No one knows how long a system or strategy will work as the market is always changing and technologies are evolving. Despite this, some back testing has a valid place among trading practices. Backtesting can and should be used to help traders especially when they are starting out to come up with some kind of strategy that has worked in the past.

Risks Associated With Day Trading

Day trading has advantages and risks. Be sure you are ware of the risks before deciding to day trading. Like any business endeavor, thorough research and preparation must be done before the first trade is made.

The Number 1 Skill New Traders Must Master to Be Successful in E-Mini Trading

From the onset, let me admit that e-mini trading requires a broad and varied skill set; therefore, identifying a single attribute that is the prime contributor for success in trading paints a wide swath. Having watched a large sample of traders my trading career, I think there is a single variable that plays a major role in determining the new e-mini traders level of success: Emotions.

Day Trading Edge Revealed – Make More Money In The Dark!

Many traders highlight the advantages of closing out their positions at the end of the day. But can you make more money by holding your position in the “overnight” session? This market reports points to big profits can be gained in the overnight session.

Trading Guarantee

One critical human need is for safety or certainty. We all like to feel safe and confident that we can live our day to day lives without our life style being negatively affected or being unable to shelter or feed our families. This is what is so scary now for so many individuals across the world in regards to the economic turmoil going on. The opposite of certainty and safety is uncertainty and adventure. I guess one could say that the economic twists and turns are certainly adventurous…and uncertain. However I think more people look at the situations with fear and don’t look at this uncertainty as a positive thing.

What Can You Expect From an E-Mini Trading Room?

It is my general observation that e-mini trading rooms vary widely in their approach to trading and implementation of their trading method. If you are looking to learn how to trade, then I would find a room geared toward teaching new e-mini traders methodology and technique. On the other hand, some trade rooms are designed specifically to make live trading calls.

E-Mini Training: A Common Trade That Often Ends in Disaster

If you have traded for any period of time, you start noticing where other e-mini traders are setting up to take trades. Sometimes I am very impressed with the positioning some traders utilize to enter trades; sometimes not so much.

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