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Is Your Blood Sugar Affecting Your Trading Without You Even Realizing?

By changing my diet, not only did I drop 30 pounds, but I discovered that it had huge benefits for my trading. I was able to concentrate better, stay calmer, and think more clearly. With 20 million Americans suffering from low blood sugar, many without even realizing, there is a good chance that some of you reading this are affected. Maybe even you?

Must Know Basics to Know Before You Trade Online

The Internet has brought a lot of changes in the way that we live our lives and our conduct our personal business. We can shop, date, and bank online. You can do just about anything online.

Spread Betting Silver, Gold and Other Metals

In the early days I opened a few positions…things went well. Then I increased my positions, and having read up a little more, I put stops in place. Then two things happened:

Trading Problems – Maintaining Focus

Maintaining trading focus can be difficult. Not only will you face distractions from external sources, but you also face internal distractions from your negative fear-based trading mindset. In this article you will discover a simple but effective tool to help you minimize distraction, and maintain your focus on the job at hand – consistent application of your trading plan.

Options Trading Explained – Is Options Trading Really For You?

Options trading is not for everybody. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s not for the average investors as they don’t have the required knowledge and mindset. Without first learning the basics, you’ll be hard put to make any real money in the world of options.

Day Trading and Its Psychology

If you start day trading and your heart starts pounding with nervousness, then you are not ready to begin trading. Day trading psychology plays a very important role in trading and many books have been written about it to prepare traders for this event. However, most books do not offer a practical solution to the nervous which eggs you to make so many other mistakes.

Is Trading Dumb?

Wall Street traders are among the highest earners. The Internet has made trading easily available to the small player. But is it really a sure-fire road to wealth?

Find Your Trading Comfort Zone – And Step Outside It!

Most of us love the familiar. It’s that soothing feeling of security and calm. When you feel comfort without a sense of impending risk, you are in your “comfort zone.”

Don’t Be One of Pavlov’s Dogs When Trading!

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist renowned for his famous study on conditioned reflexes. While studying the physiological effects of eating in dogs, Pavlov began to observe that the salivation of the dogs was very curious.

Do You Have Trading Analysis Paralysis?

A man has been going to the horse races for 25 years. Before he goes, he researches everything he can find about the horses and the jockeys – their age, weight, wins, and losses. He knows what the weather will be and if the condition of the track will be affected.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Your Trading Losses

Tony Loton, author of “Don’t Lose Money in the Stock Markets,” says “If your investment falls by 50% you’ll need a 100% rise just to get you back where you started. So when speculating in the stock markets, protecting the money you do have is just as important as making some more.”

Learn to Follow a 5 Step Trading System Rather Than Your Emotions

A trading system is the best way to maintain your composure during chaotic markets. The better your trading system, the less your emotions will be a factor in your decisions. These 5 steps are easy enough to follow. The question is, will you?

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