The Financial Dangers of Psychological Trading and How It Can Dramatically Impact Your Profit Vault!

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last two months you could have failed to notice the credit crunch and subsequent financial nightmare that erupted in America and the resulting disaster and fallout that spread across the mortgage lending industry over here in the UK.

Trading By The Light Of The Moon

For many years people have debated why and when markets turn. This article will hopefully shed a little light on the subject. This is just a small portion of the Real Reality of Market Movement.

Things to Consider Before You Learn Forex Trading

When you learn Forex trading through online courses, on-location classes, hands-on lessons and other sources, it should explain to you that Forex is not a risk-free business. Although many become successful traders and double their investments, all traders have experienced losses.

Online Paper Trading Versus Live Trading – What Are The Differences When Day Trading Stocks?

Ready to switch from online paper trading to live trading? Here are a few differences that you should know before you day trade with real money!

Trading with Contracts for Difference

Known as equity swaps in the institutional market, they originated in the UK in the 1980s. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are an agreement between the investor and the CFD provider to settle the difference in cash between the price at which the CFD trade position is opened and the price it’s closed.

The Bear Awakes

Wall Street suffered yet another big drop last week, with investors worried about the spreading fallout from the credit crisis at banks, and about a dollar that just keeps getting weaker. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 360 points on Wednesday, coincidently just about matching its post FOMC drop.

Day Trading Stock Tip Lesson – Double-Divergences For Back-Testing Ideas

If you like using technical indicator divergences as part of your day trading strategies consider an extra filter. The use of double-divergences may help when back-testing new trading strategy ideas.

Day Trading Stock Tip Lesson – What Is Your Edge?

In most businesses, many hours are spent defining their Unique Selling Propositions. This is the “edge” which make these businesses unique. Here are some ideas to help you find your “edge” in day trading.

Day Trading Software VWAP Calculation Differences – Iterative VWAP Versus Cumulative VWAP

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of a stock, in basic terms, is the “average” price of the stock relative to the amount of volume it has traded during the day. With greater emphasis on monitoring VWAP due to algorithms impacting intraday trading activities, you might be surprised to learn that some day trading software firms do not use a standardized calculation of VWAP.

Time to Wake Up Because in 2007 Trading it is a Much Different Financial Market

Today, thousands of hedge funds are in trouble. Do you think that give you the solo-professional a real chance to strike it rich? Of course is does. Did you know there are now over $800 billion in sub-prime foreclosures. Worst yet, our major banks have over $144 Trillion in high risk investments by major banks exist today.

Day Trading as Easy as 1-2-3

With the technology boom that has changed the way business is done across the globe, one unintended result has been the rise of day trading. Day trading is a risky and stressful form of trading that involved buying stock and selling it within one days time.

Online Trading Software – Suggestions To Improve Your Results From Insiders Part 2 – New Development

While many of you may use online trading software or more advanced day trading software, there are some things about the software firms which you may not yet know. These insights may be able to help you improve your overall trading performance if you use them properly. This will be a four-part series, and these insights are gleaned from people who have actually worked for day trading software firms.

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