5 Backtesting Strategies To Consider When Trading

The trading world is flooded with various strategies, techniques and methods people use to get ahead in the game. It is virtually impossible to know 100% what is going to happen with stocks or FOREX, but taking advantage of the strategies that are available can be highly beneficial. For this reason, take a look at each of the backtesting strategies mentioned in this article the next time you go to trade.

How to Make Money Swing Trading? Part I

Swing trading is one of the most powerful ways to make money in the stock market. There are traders who make millions each year swing trading. The first thing you need to learn in swing trading is learn to read a stock chart. A stock chart is a chart that plots the stock prices of a company. This allows a trader to quickly interpret a chart and predict the future stock prices for that company.

Options Trading Basics – What Is An Option?

Options part of several investment tools that make up the derivative market. The derivative market includes any financial instrument that acquires its value from the increase or decrease in value of an underlying security. With an understanding of their trading characteristics, we can purchase and sell options on many different stocks, ETFs, futures, currencies and commodities.

Options Trading Basics – Why Use Options?

To understand why investors should consider using options trading to enhance an investment portfolio, we need to first understand the core psychological obstacles we face as investors. It is human nature for investors to be overconfident in their predictions about the market. This is natural because the more research that one puts into their investment opinion, the more the investor sells himself on that opinion.

Day Trading Strategies Revealed – Information You Ought to Know

Day trading, or the process of buying and selling stocks and shares within a single trading day, has become a controversial topic these days. Some have touted it as a get-rich scheme that works, while others, thanks mainly to scammers who promise huge returns in a short time and the greater degree of risk involved, don’t believe that any substantial profit can be made from it.

FTSE 100 Trading – 3 Ways You Can Trade The FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 is an index that is made up of the 100 largest (listed) companies in the UK, in terms of market capitalisation. Not only does it give you an indication of how well the major UK companies are performing, but it is also a very good index to trade. Indeed there are three different ways you can trade this index.

What Does a Trader Need?

Day trading is a business. And as in any business there are certain tolls that need to be deployed to make things happen. A day trader might need fast or even super-fast Internet connection, state of the art charting tools, and access to adequate brokerage services.

Emini Trading Success – Two Keys to Success – Part 1

Considering starting an emini trading career? Then you may find it interesting that the keys to success in this field are not so different from the keys to success in many other fields. That’s because they are universal and apply to many human endeavors. This article, being the first one in a two part series, talks about one universal key to success.

The Reasons Why Fibonacci Retracements Fail

The Fibonacci retracements are a combination of two terms combined to make a third term. This process occurs on an ongoing basis. The ratio is divided by the terms and comes to approximately 1.68 and is called a golden ratio.

Good Penny Stocks – A Different Approach

If you are new to trading you might wondering about the good penny stocks and how to find them. To put it simply, do you know if the good stocks are based on the share prices or a company’s product? In this article, we will recommend two ways of discovering good penny stocks that can allow you to generate a lot of money.

Man Versus Machine in the Battle of Algorithmic Trading

Technology has almost completely changed the way stock markets work, from the digital trading platforms to sophisticated algorithmic trading, sometimes known as algo trading. Algo trading uses computers and software to automate and develop trading strategies, in most cases faster than human traders can put in orders or respond to market moves.

3 Reasons Why Trend Trading Often Fails

Being in a position where you are able to trade as a career that not so many folks achieve in this lifetime. After having to read through volumes of materials, purchase costly automated systems and being part of several seminars, 95% of traders who engage in trending still fail.

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