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The Basics of a Hammer

A hammer is a very simple candlestick, but it has a lot of influence and forecasting ability. Hammers coincide with the hanging man candlestick, which is exactly the opposite of a hammer. A hammer usually appears at the bottom of a chart and is marked by a short positive body with a long descending shadow below it. They live up to their name: you’ll know them when you see them.

Emini Futures Course – How Mechanical Systems Trading Can Increase Winning Trades

Index futures are highly volatile and require a certain degree of knowledge and experience to be successful and is the reason many futures traders are always searching for an emini futures course or the next technique that will help them increase the amount of winning trades. Unfortunately, most emini traders seldom stick to the guidelines or rules required to make the course or system profitable with most falling victim to their own emotions. One of the most difficult habits to overcome for new traders is learning to trust a mechanical system and keeping their emotions in check …

Emini Strategy – One Tip That Can Improve Your Winning Ratio Trading Emini Futures

Finding a winning emini strategy that can consistently generate profitable trades can be difficult in turbulent market conditions that are so common today. Many novice futures traders blow out their entire trading accounts within a couple of months or in some cases, a few weeks because they did not take the time to acquire the knowledge necessary to become successful at futures trading.

5 Tips For Managing Your Career in a Crazy Market

The fall of Lehman Brothers and tumbling of banking stocks has been a headline writer’s dream. The press and media are full of the problems and dire predictions. Bad news sells, as they say. But despite all the uncertainty and craziness, you really can still be successful. The focus should be on making your position as secure as possible whilst putting yourself in a strong position just in case something drastic happens to your firm

Emini Education – What You Should Know Before Trading Emini Contracts

Trading the emini index futures contracts has grown in popularity over the past few years since margin requirements are substantially lower compared to the full-size contract. Emini index futures trading is now available to people that in the past could not afford to meet the account minimum requirements for the full-size contract.

Do Your Research Before Day Trading

You will get to hear a lot of traditional wisdom from the financial executives and investment pundits: you don’t get rich quickly – you get rich slowly, over time. So what is the reason that each day more and more people are turning towards currency day trading? Is it the lure of money or a wish to become wealthy overnight?

Are You Master of Your Domain?

I’ve been analyzing and trading the energy markets for more than 10 years and I continue to see beginner traders make the mistakes over and over again. I know this because I made the same mistakes when I was a rookie trader. It goes something like this…you start the day with a good trade and lock in some nice profits.

Get Ready For the Global Financial Crisis

Generally a nation with a higher interest rate will attract more investment into its currency than a nation with a lower interest rate. The currency of the nation with the increased investment can rise in value as the demand for that currency increases.

Crude Oil Weekly Outlook

Crude oil prices continued their wild ride last week with the market losing over 50% of its value at its lowest point of 6857. With the market holding key monthly Support at the 6850-6800 range, along with noise from OPEC, we are expecting to see a bit of consolidation early this week with the potential for strong upthrusts.

Turbulent Market, Traders Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Avoid trade high risk investment if you don’t identify which risk-based trends are driving volatility. In chaotic markets like today, all roads lead back to liquidity.

Day Trading Tricks

I have been asked what kind of day trading tricks I use to make as much as I do. Well, I guess I have developed my own day trading tricks and they have been working great for me. Before I jump into what they are I feel it is important to tell you how I made the day trading tricks. You should never get stuck doing one thing, you should always experiment and try new things. That is what separates great investors from your average investor. Anyway, I am going to give my methods of picking which penny stocks to invest in.

The Power of a Single Chart OHLC Bar

There is a lot of information hidden in a trading chart OHLC bar. Most traders see the bar as an indicator of price alone. There is a lot more information than that.

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