The Art of Professional Trading

Mark McRae, interviewed by a well known trader, outlines how he thinks a beginner should start his professional trading career. He believes strongly that you have to keep it as simple as possible, particularly when you start.

The Perfect Trade – It’s How You Play the Game

Mark McRae was asked what the things are that he likes to see to make him want to get into a trade. He then goes on to say how he now has no compulsion to trade, and is quite content to wait for the perfect trade.

10 Options Strategies to Consider

Even if you’re new to options trading, you’re probably already familiar with buying puts and calls. These are the two most basic options strategies and the ones that rookie options traders gravitate to. The potential for explosive returns without the need for betting the farm on each trade is unrivaled in the investing world. But we’re also fans of broadening our horizons and investing in options is one of the best places to do this. With so many different options strategies, there’s literally always a way to make a profit. Let’s look at the top 10 options strategies.

Keeping it Simple When Developing an Options Trading System

One of the gifts of options investing is the versatility it affords investors. There are ways to profit from bullish and bearish moves, of course, but there are also strategies that can help you earn a few bucks in choppy, sideways markets. In addition, you can start an options trade in one direction and add legs to it to switch directions and enhance your time horizon to bolster your chances for a winning trade.

Forex Trading – Tips For Searching the Best Forex Trading Software

Today, there are so many forex trading software available in the market. You will just enter in the keyword and a number of websites will be opened. Once you have selected the software of your choice, you can easily download it and install it in your computer.

Day Trading Secrets You Can Use to Make Money in the Stock Market

One of the most popular and electric ways to earn money today is day trading. Some individuals get involved in day trading to add on to their regular income, while others treat it as a full time profession. With its remarkable money-making potential and the rush it provides, it’s no surprise more and more people are trying out day trading opportunities.

Online Trading Discipline

If you’ve ever been a serious golfer or even just played the game a few times, you understand practice, technique, and probabilities. Golf balls can live in a world of “almost,” “close,” and “should have.” Trades sometimes act the same way.

Here’s How Anyone Can Start Making Money With Day Trading

One of the most popular and exciting ways to earn an income these days is day trading. Some individuals use day trading to add on to their regular income stream, while others dedicate all their time to bringing in money with day trading alone. Several individuals earning good livings with day trading which is why many more people are entering the markets.

Better Stocks, More Profits and a Less Homework

I know many day traders who spend hours looking for the perfect stock to trade, or a stock that is poised to breakout and make them a fortune. This is an inefficient way to trade the stock market. Moves happen everyday, in all stocks and if we know how to capture that movement it doesn’t matter what we trade. That said, we may as well play stocks that are moving a lot…but this does not require much research.

Making Money Day Trading – Here’s How It’s Done!

Becoming a day trader is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to earn an income. There are individuals who treat it as a full time job and others use it as a method to make some extra money. With its sizable money-making potential and the rush it can provide, it’s not surprising more and more people are jumping into day trading.

Introduction to Stock Day Trading

Trading of shares, currencies and stock options on the same day is known as stock day trading. Traders who practice day trading are known as day traders. These traders trade in equity index futures, interest rate futures, commodity futures, future contracts apart from shares and currencies.

Why is Online Day Trading So Hard? More Specifically the Emini Futures – Part 2

OK, as we discussed in the previous article about becoming a Emini Futures trader, it is important to and necessary to have a day trading system. Another important factor I realized is how important psychology when Emini Future trading or simply taking intraday trades.

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