Trading Rule Part 3 – Set the Difference Between Novice and Professional Trader

From the previous article, I mentioned another 4 trading rules after you enter the trade, no 5 – Never average out a losing position, no 6 – Always update yourself with Economy calendar, no 7 – Always update yourself with the Stock news, no 8 – Always do analysis after market close. Lastly in this trilogy of the trading rule articles, I would like to share more about the trading psychology.

Trading Rule Part 1 – Set the Difference Between Novice and Professional Trader

If you ask me what is the major difference between a novice and a professional trader, the difference is whether he or she set the trading rules and follow the rules. There are thousands set of trading rules that you can create or follow, what I recommend is that you do not need to create a certain of trading rules, you can just follow them which came from the famous investor and traders.

Introducing Options Strategy – Vertical Spread

There are more than 20 options strategies can be applied, but one of my favorite is Vertical Spread. The meaning of vertical spread is that you purchase and sell options of the same type (same stock symbol) with same expiration date but with the different strike price. In Vertical spread, you can choose to apply bull put spread, bear call spread, bull call spread and bear put spread.

Start Options Trading by Attending A Seminar – Tips on Choosing the Right Course

If you are newbie to the financial world, you may want to attend a 3-4 days seminar as your starter kit. I am an engineer by training, therefore I gain my financial knowledge mostly by reading and learning from the web (there are huge amount of resources from the internet today). But to kick start options trading effectively, I strongly suggest that you go find out the course detail in the market today, attend one of the most suitable seminars for you.

How to Make Money Trading Sports Online

Trading sports online can be a very profitable pastime and as more and more people get involved that means just one thing… liquidity. With the invention of the betting exchange and the rise and rise of the main one, Betfair, there is increasingly more money being traded on sporting events.

CFD Tips and Tricks Using Contract For Difference – 3 Key Tips to Keep You Safe

Take note of these 3 key CFD tips and tricks when trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs). These tips and tricks will ensure you limit your downside losses and enable you to take advantage of conditions when your CFD trading system is hitting its sweet spot.

Emini Systems – Are Simple Emini Systems of Any Value?

Trading systems, including emini futures trading systems, can differ a lot. Some of them, for instance, are simple or even very simple, while others tend to be more complex. The question we try to answer in this article is: can those simple emini systems be of some use to serious traders and daytraders in particular?

Trading Risk Management – Rule of Three

Would you like to discover a quick and simple risk management strategy that is easy to apply to any trading plan, and has the potential to vastly improve results? Excellent!

Trading For A Living – Is It Easy? Hardly!

Trading is one of the most attractive ways to make a living, but also one of the most difficult. Many people try and fail, without realizing how strong the competition is in the marketplace. Yet, with dreams of riches, people open up a trading account with a few thousand dollars, and no real plan, but with the idea that they can trade for a living. This article will explain how fierce the competition is on Wall Street, but how you can succeed by developing a trading plan.

Day Trading – The Dow Emini, Review For Wednesday

It was another tug of war type of market day on Wednesday which saw the Dow endlessly struggle to keep from losing more ground. The financial news from today was mixed, and this contributed to the market appearing to have no idea what direction to take for the majority of the day.

Hedging vs Speculation

Understand how hedging and speculation affect price movement in trading markets. What exactly are futures instruments used for?

Big Day Trading Mistakes – Do Not Ignore These 3 Crucial Points When You Start Trading

So many potentially good traders can easily be put off from the outset, because they failed to follow three main rules when they started out. Losing money is result, and the most common problem is ignorance, or at least lack of proper knowledge.

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