Is Bitcoin Going To The Bears?

Get the Rhythm of the Market You Are Trading

As a trader, it is important to know the rhythm of the market you are trading. If the market runs in 7- to 10-day cycles, then you should let your winning positions run in 7- to 10-day cycles when it comes to grabbing your profits.

How the 5% Traders Are Winning the Game

Some people are afraid of success; others fear failure. Either way, the expression of the behavior is the same-not doing what is necessary and known in order to achieve success.

Choosing a Binary Options Signals Provider

If you are looking to become successful fast and imitate others with good records, binary options signals are what you need. Thus they make trading easier. The biggest challenge, however, is to chose the right binary options signals provider.

Don’t Fear Leverage!

The key problem that distinguishes the differences among stocks, futures, and forex lies between the application and usage of leverage. If you were to trade the futures and forex markets with no margin, your trading experience would be more on par with stock trading. Solely because of the use of margin do the potential problems with leverage arise, particularly with investors who come from a stock background.

Day Trading Options for Profits

Day trading is a lucrative money making business, which comes with an increased trading risk. If you are thinking of investing and making profit in day trading, there are a few strategies you must follow religiously while working.

7 Strong Characteristics of a Good Binary Options Broker

Here are some important characteristics of good binary options brokers. These will help you choose the right one.

Futures – The Oldest Trading System and Still on the Run

Futures predate stocks by several thousand years. One of the earliest recognized futures transactions was the Chinese rice futures of 6,000 years ago.

Piling 2013 Convertible Bond Maturities in the Chinese Solar Industry

China and Hong Kong based solar companies continued to face financial difficulties as demand in the solar industry remained stagnant and prices at low levels. Both in Asia and abroad, the incentives offered by governments to shift to cleaner energy are drying up. The Euro zone debt crisis has led to countries like Germany slashing subsidies for renewable energy.

Binary Options Bonus

Most of the novice traders who lack trading experience prefer to find some options using which they can trade binary options for free. If we take a look at the binary option brokers, most of them offer different types of bonuses to the traders. In addition to this, there are some brokers that also provide free bonuses to the traders. Another way of availing the bonuses is to refer a friend to the website.Though, the bonuses are very attractive, there are certain terms and conditions which need to be known to the traders before using them. So, you can trade binary options for free but you should go through the rules of the broker so that you do not face any kind of trouble in the future.

3 Important Binary Option Strategies

There are various types of binary options strategies to choose from. In this article we discuss three of the most important ones that you can use in collaboration with other strategies to increase your chances of making a profit.

4 Main Advantages of Trading Binary Options

Today there are so many choices one can make when it come to trading. So how do you decide which is the best? This is not a question that can be taken lightly. Making such a choice requires a lot of thought and consideration.

6 Features About Binary Options Platforms

As this type of trading has become very popular with many people using it, there are several binary options platforms available. For this reason, it may sometimes become difficult to know which platform is the best.

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