Pink Sheet Profits – How To Find Explosive Penny Stocks Fast

For so many years, it was almost impossible to secure reliable information from the Pink Sheets and even the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB). This was because of the lack, if not the complete absence, of accountability in many respects including the filing of audited financial statements, the correcting of the mistakes and even in allowing shell companies to offer their own shares of stocks. Read on to learn more…

Why Is It So Difficult To Make Money Trading The FTSE 100?

Many traders in the UK have been drawn to the FTSE 100 index over the years, but very few people manage to make consistent profits trading it. So what are the reasons why so many people end up losing money?

Emini Trading Success – Two Keys to Success – Part 2

Considering starting an emini trading career? Then you may find it interesting that the keys to success in this field are not so different from the keys to success in many other fields. That’s because they are universal and apply to many human endeavors. This article, being the second one in a two part series, talks about one of such universal keys to success. Reading the first article is very much recommended for the articles are related.

3 Reasons Why Momentum Oscillators May Fail

The forex market is considered to be one of the most profitable markets all over the world. It also is the most volatile and most unstable, with shifts and changes happening each and every second and to add to that, it is somehow unpredictable, especially for those that are new to the market. However, because of modern technology, there are a lot of people and companies that have tried to look for weaknesses to this market and as such, robots and gadgets that help, not exploit, but rather, help people profit more from the foreign exchange market have…

Equip Yourself For Profit With The Relative Strength Indicator

Most successful traders and technicians have their own favorite technical tools and many of them equip themselves with a powerful tool called Relative Strength Indicator. This is a single line versatile momentum oscillator which developed by J. Welles Wilder in 1978.

Things To Consider When Selecting Forex Trading Strategies

The most effective forex trading strategies are trading strategies that will provide you the possibilities to continually generate profits in the forex market although they do not demand you to invest a great number of times looking at your charts and a analyze the over and over again. You will discover numerous distinct forex trading strategies that may be applied to trade the forex market with, and numerous people get success with different trading strategies, so it is a challenging task to state that a certain forex trading strategy is the best one. In saying that though, you…

Forex Market Income

Making income from the Forex Market. This can be either supplementary or full time.

Forex Trend Trading Understanding

When it comes to trend trading, this is what every traders should know. In order to get advantage of trend trading you basically need to basic understanding what is trend trading, how it make your life so easier and why most traders cant follow trend. Once you read this articles, I guarantee you can improve your trend trading performance.

Money Management: How Well Do You Know?

There is a lot of talk about money management among financial traders. Almost every book ever written on financial speculation goes into this aspect of financial trading, yet very few people seem to understand it when it comes to the actual practicalities of applying it in their trading. Money Management for most people is about using a certain percentage of their investment pot or risking x amount of dollars on a trade and placing a stop loss in the market to limit damage protection, while using a profit target which is normally 2 to 3 times the…

So Are Foreign Exchange Trading Systems For You?

If you’ve ever heard the term Forex and didn’t know what it meant, it can mean a lot of money for you if you know what you’re doing with it. Forex is short for Foreign Exchange Trading Systems. When you invest in the Forex market, you are buying and selling foreign currencies with values that may go up and down dozens, and even sometimes hundreds, of times in a single day.

Forex Trading Computers – Are They Right For You?

If you have decided to start trading Forex, you might have considered using Forex trading computers. You might have heard that they are all but essential to trading, and a good way to get started trading if you’re a beginner without much knowledge of the market. Many of these computers are designed to analyze the market and make trading decisions for you.

Forex Trend Trading Software May Not Be the Best Solution for Trading Forex

Are you looking for a Forex trend trading software that will make you money while you sleep? Maybe you have tried several automated systems that haven’t been as good as you would like but you are still looking?

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