Breakouts and Crossovers – Late to the Party

The arena of trading is a fantastic one in itself. It has to be the largest business on the planet. Thousands upon thousands of eyes are glued to the screens around the world, waiting to buy or sell at any given moment.

Day Trading – The Best Strategy During Financial Crisis

Today we are experiencing an unprecedented global financial meltdown, that is so scary, the world’s leaders are meeting to determine how to handle it. By not risking any long term positions, we are not committed to any direction, and even hold long and short positions on the same currency pair at the same time. Think outside the box.

What is the First Step to Investing?

The first step to investing is realizing that you are never too young or too old to start investing for the future. Investing is not something exclusive for wealthy people; if you do not want to retire broke, you should look into investment plans. In most cases, you can invest as little as $50 a month in order to join a retirement plan program.

Day Trading Alerts – Be Cautious of Temptations

Among the variety of share transactions, day trading, notwithstanding the serious risks involved in it is very popular form of buying and selling of shares. The exchange would have been much quieter and less brisk place, but for these types of transactions. Among its traits is its remarkable capacity to fetch quick profits or quicker losses.

Counter-Acting Naked Short Selling With Custody-Only Trading

Naked short selling is one of the key problems concerning the stock market. Traders short sell ‘naked’ stock, that is, stock that they don’t actually have. This brings down the market price on this stock and leaves those expecting the stock high and dry.

Learning to Track the Elephants

To trade successfully, you need an edge. Sure, there are Japanese Candlesticks, and the exotic titles such as Doji, Hammer, Engulfing, Shooting Star, etc., but in terms of identifying professional money, what are these bars saying? Therefore, when you learn to read charts from this perspective, the way a musician reads music say, your trading can become truly exiting.

What Is Online Trading?

Just as the name implies, online trading is the ability to buy and sell stock, bonds, mutual funds and futures via the Internet. In days of yore, an individual interested in purchasing stock would either call their broker or stop by their local brokerage office to make a trade. Today these brokerages have set up shop on the Internet. Electronic access to the stock markets around the world as well as brokerage houses allow the trader to buy and sell stocks, bonds etc… on the internet using a computer..

Emini Trading – Basic Introduction to Day Trading Emini Futures

Day trading does not necessarily have to do with stocks and you really don’t need to have a big trading account to succeed at it. But you need to choose a proper trading instrument and the best one for this purpose seems to be emini futures.

Forex Hedging System – Make Profit No Matter Which Direction the Market Moves

In the forex trading world, it pays a lot to be a risk taker. Huge amount of profit could be gained if a trader is not afraid to take risks in betting, for a big chunk of the forex trading market revolves around gambling and being good at it.

How to Make Money Like a Professional Trader

Trading psychology is used to describe the way a trader thinks and behaves when a trade is taking place. A trader with the proper mindset will be able to overcome the temporary setbacks from the market and move to grow his or her account consistently. And over time that is what makes a trader rich.

Increase Your Profits 100% With an Edge

If you have ever played at any game of chance you would realize that sometimes you seem to be on a wining streak. Luck seems to be your best friend and everything you do makes you more money. This is what we term as an “edge” in trading. This is where the trader has a temporary advantage over the market and the probability of success becomes higher than normal.

Day Trading – When and How to Enter

Do one thing well, master it then use the concept for other markets. Morning midday and afternoon are aspects that need good understanding and a lot can be written. Firstly I think it’s best…

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