Online Share Trading – Short Term Investment Opportunity

For a starter, general information on the procedures of investing is crucial. Apart from that, they must also have an idea about where they can get all this information.

The Trading Plan – Adjustments Are Necessary

Trading Plans are commonly compared to that of a business plan. You would not open a new business without a business plan, so why start trading without a trading plan? With that being said, even if you are not experienced at either one of these scenarios, it is basically common sense that as developments or roadblocks arise, adjustments would be necessary to both the trading plan and the business plan if one expects to succeed.

Day Trading Success Tips – Do You Have the Mentality to Become a Winning Day Trader?

In the world of day trading, there are those who seem to win every trade, and those who can’t win a trade to save their lives. These two types of traders could be following an identical day trading strategy, and yet, one is successful in their day trading, and the other is not.

The Emotional Trading Monkey

This article is about my own trials and tribulations in trading. It is a short summary of my own path of development as a professional trader.

CFD Trade and Share Trading Requires the Right Mindset

Trading CFDs and shares are not only concerning charts and money. You need the total mindset of the whole person to CFDs trade and share trading. Professional CFD and share traders agree that the kind of orientation or a mindset of a person is important before one goes into the market to engage in the business of trading.

Trading Performance – Is a 10% Return Per Day Too Much to Ask From Trading?

While you can make massive amounts of money trading, making 10% per day on large accounts is not realistic. You will soon encounter issues with getting a good fill and your brokerage firms limits. Buts on smaller accounts it is completely possible.

How to Trade Futures With a Small Capital Account

Futures traders are wisely advised to trade with money they can afford to lose. That is because most beginning futures traders DO lose money. So, even if your dream is to use your life savings as capital to support your new occupation as a trader, you should curb your impatience and start with a small account while you learn the ropes. However, trading a small account presents unique problems which may force you to change your natural trading style.

Trading in the Evening

Trading in the evening can be the hardest part of trading. Starting to trade after a hard day at work can be tiring & mistakes can happen.

First Steps in Day Trading

Most people new to day trading are normally introduced to the markets via a “holy grail” system with some dazzling headline like “earn loads of money whilst eating your breakfast” or something similar. Also it would be wise to take any claims about money earned from any advertised trading system with a pinch of salt.

Why We Need Trading Strategies

All traders have “strategies”. Think about this for a second, if these publicised strategies actually worked, why have the pro’s not given up the day job & just worked from home earning millions of pounds? I think the answer is obvious.

Trading Indices

If you trade a diversified portfolio, there is a greater chance that you will catch some of the truly giant moves which make for successful trading. Indices are one of the markets you can add to your portfolio.

How to Trade Options – 3 Rules to Follow For Successful Options Trading

Options are referred to as a leveraged financial instrument because they allow you to multiply your gains and control your risk more in a trade. For serious traders, I consider options mastery to be an essential, and would never leave them out of my own portfolio. But for people who are still new to the game, there’s a lot to be learned. If you need some tips and startup information for trading options, here’s an introduction as well as 3 solid rules to follow to keep you safe in the options trading pit.

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