Day Trading – Trade Intelligently

While investing in stocks each buys and sells move is a well-forecasted and calculated step. So how can stock trading be referred to as gambling? For those who are currently indulged in stock trading, it is quite clear that trading in shares is far different then gambling.

A Tale Of Two Traders – Which One Do You Want To Be?

This article discusses how integrity should play a part in every trader’s discipline. This article also examines how 2 traders that start with the same capital, same trading platform, same market and the exact same trading system with precise entries and exits, can come up with entirely different results… one up 20%, the other down 40%. The answer to this riddle and more is contained in this insightful article. A MUST READ FOR THE ACTIVE TRADER!

A Novel, New Way to Improve Your Trading Today!

Group learning is a great way to learn anything. It’s often more affordable, fun, and beneficial in ways you never thought. This article discusses the advantages of shared mentors, group learning, and centralized trading depositories for traders who want to improve their trading.

Exponential Moving Averages Help Traders Profit

Moving averages help traders discern market trends. Exponential Moving Averages react more quickly to price changes and are among the most useful analytical tools serious traders can utilize.

The Bobber Strategy – Trading With The Trend With Excellent Results

The Bobber Strategy is a simple, easy to implement futures trading strategy with excellent risk/reward potential. Last week, trading the Russell 2000 e-mini futures (Jan 22 to 25, 4 trading days due to the MLK holiday), there were 7 bobber set-ups. There were 7 winning trades and 0 losing trades. And most important, this strategy is free.

Regular Training Is Vital For Consistent Day Trading Profits

“Practice makes perfect!” is a timeless truism. But what does it mean for the aspiring day trader? This article considers what you need to practice, how you can do it, and the benefits you get.

Trading – A Business

Have you struggles with inconsistencies in your day-trading? This short article addresses the problems most traders face with day to day trading. The author also offers tips to make your trading strategies more profitable. It is a MUST read!

Mind Over Market – A Trader’s Roadmap To Profits

Have you ever felt that the market was against you? Does it seem that as soon as you invest or enter a trade, the market immediately goes the other way? This short article addresses the problems most traders face with day-to-day trading. The author also offers tips to make your trading strategies more profitable. It is a MUST read!

Proprietary Day Trading Firms – Which Is The Best For You?

Are you considering joining a proprietary firm to day trade stocks? If so, here are some suggestions to analyze the numbers in order to help you choose the best firm for you.

Spot the Day Trading Indicators

Day trading in the stock market is becoming one of the most popular forms of trading known to man. This is thanks in a large part to the ease in which you can get started and trading can be done, not to mention the fact that the market is always open and trading can be done any time of day or night. There are many individuals that benefit hugely from the day trading of forex currency and these are the professional forex traders who do this for a living.

Day Trading Charts, Are They Any Good?

Chances are if you day trade in the stocks then it is most likely you use some kind of intraday stock chart or charts in your day trading software to help with market analysis. Many trading firms who practice tape reading often check a chart every so often as a quick reference.

Become a Day Trader Online

There are a vast amount of different trading techniques available to the investor, some work better than others and some do not work at all. In the day trading market the general technique involves studying stock patterns and charts and then setting up certain times to buy a certain stock. Study the various techniques.

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