I Mined Ethereum Classic for 48hrs!

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Sector Contrarian

How can you make money in a bear market? Does buy and hold still work? Is there a sensible way to trade sectors in a bear market?

Discover the Best Methods For Trading Contracts For Difference (CFDs)

What is the best method for Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs)? Initially it is best to understand how leverage plays a huge role in determining your profit and loss levels and also your confidence level. Discover how to gain control of this critical area. Do you have the discipline to stick to a profitable trading plan? Most people aren’t and we’ll take a look at the reasons behind this and lastly we’ll look at identifying high reward, low risk opportunities.

A Quick Day Trading Course – The Way to Make Money

Here’s an easy day trading course to follow. Have a look at how people make money with this exciting venture.

The “DOWN” Jones Average?

Are we headed for another Great Depression? What does the historical performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average teach us? What can we expect?

Short Trading

The general public is typically unaware of short trading. Short trading allows a trader to make money in the stock market when the market is moving down rather than the traditional gains when moving up. Most people find the concept difficult to grasp and therefore, they never learn that trading short (when the markets move down) is no more difficult to execute than trading long (when the markets move up). This article will show you how simple it is to make gains trading in any market situation.

Day Trading Stock Pick – How Do the Pros Find a Winner?

If you’re curious about investing and looking for a day trading stock pick, today we’re looking at which picks the pros like. Here’s a rundown of what makes the best day traders successful!

Discover 3 Simple Steps to Minimise Your Risk When Day Trading CFDs

Our job as Day Traders is to allocate risk to a trade. If market conditions favour us we have a win, if not we suffer a loss. The Golden Rule of Trading Success is always to cut your losses off short and let your profits run and in light of that golden rule, this article focuses on 3 simple steps to keep your risk to a minimum. Day Traders get too caught up in the incredible gains that are possible when trading Contracts for Difference and so this article should be a gentle reminder of what you need to do as a day trader.

3 Essential Criteria to Determine the Best CFD Market For You to Trade

Are you struggling to win with your CFD trading? It could be that you are trading the completely wrong market and literally beating your head against the wall day after day. Get on the right track and discover which CFD market is actually the best for you to trade. When you find the right market for your trading personality there is no doubt you will find success in your trading.

It Takes Time to Become a Good Trader

It takes time to build confidence and skills required for trading. New traders have to understand that they have to go through a process and cannot achieve “superstar” status overnight.

CFD Tutorial – How is it Possible to Trade Sectors Using Contracts For Difference (CFDs)?

Discover how to trade a Sector CFD in this short CFD Tutorial. Trading Sector Contracts for Difference gives you exposure to the stocks that make up this sector and it can never go to zero. Discover the key benefits as to why people like to trade Sector CFDs and what the pitfalls to this derivative product are. Most traders are not aware of the expensive trading costs involved when trading a Sector CFD. Learn all the Ins and Outs here.

Accessing Intraday Data Kills Your CFD Profits Yet Again – Steps to Avoid This Costly Error

Do you really need to access intraday trading data when trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs)? The answer is most probably not as that intraday data is costing you a lot of money both in monthly subscriptions and Brain Snaps during the day. Many End of Day traders like being able to view intraday data but find it creates irrational emotional trading decisions that just aren’t necessary and in fact are detrimental to higher trading profits.

Professional CFD Traders Know the Importance of Minimising Their Risk – Do You?

Are Contracts for Difference of CFDs risky and just another form of sophisticated gambling or can they be used efficiently to maximise your opportunities in the stock market? Here we’ll answer the key strategies professional traders use to minimise their risk when trading contracts for difference and how you can too.

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