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The Trader’s Essential Tools

Trading – the digital mind game, where markets are formed from the minds of men. Their comings and goings, on mass – is what we track. Accumulation and distribution, supply and demand, going this way and that. Bell curves, indicators and chart patterns – it’s all about anticipating where its at! Once little piggy has gone to market with our hard earned savings, psychologically, a part of us has entered the market and we become emotionally minded, making irrational decisions and all sorts of unnecessary mistakes occur. How do I make simple, the complex path from entry to exit? Here are some logical ways to manage yourself and your trade from A to B.

Uncovering the Best Forex Training Programs

It has been statistically proven that only about 5% of Forex traders actually maintain consistently profitably results. Although there are other factors involved experts agree that the main culprit for this is a lack of education and knowledge of the Forex market. Nothing can guarantee your success, but choosing the best Forex training program or Forex trading course will definitely put the odds in your favor.

Cash in on Trade Finance, While Tracking Trends

You know what hurts you? Or you rather ignore the pain and simply move ahead. Please EXERCISE caution.

How a Day Trading Stocks Newsletter Can Help You Succeed

If you’re serious about earning a good income from day trading, you need a reliable source of information that can provide tips and guidance to help you navigate the markets profitably. While you probably already realize a day trading stocks newsletter is handy for picking stocks, there are a lot of other ways it can help you, too.

The Emotional Day Trader Versus the Robot

Should you be trading manually or using a robot? What are the emotional trading traps? Why I gave up forex trading, manually, at least.

Make Money From Rising Commodity Prices

Making money from commodities is a great way to profit from rising commodities prices instead of losing out from increased prices. This article explains how to do this.

Emini Trading Systems – Albert Einstein and Emini Trading Systems

Emini futures, often referred to as simply eminis, are very popular day trading instruments that have been around for about 10 years. Albert Einstein, the world’s most famous physicist died 42 years before first emini market appeared on the financial scene. Could thus Einstein offer any inisght into trading eminis and into emini trading systems, in particular? The answer may surprise you.

Trading Timeframe Selection

Do you want to know what happens when your trading timeframe does not match your lifestyle or your trading psychology? This is what happens…

How to Search For the Hot Daily Stocks

Exactly how do you find stocks each day that can make you $1,000+? Follow my time and true method and make your daily money!

Day Trading Momentum Stocks For Profits

Day trading stocks can be very lucrative. $1,000+ days are common if you know where to find these profitable trades.

Get a List of All Penny Stocks Worth Investing In

The first stage to any stock investing strategy should be to get a list of all penny stocks worth investing in. This will essentially be a short list of the best of the companies out there and the list from which you will select exactly which stock to purchase. Traditionally this has been the main stumbling block of individual investors.

Day Trading Advice From Tiger Woods

Success leaves clues. Learn what it takes to be one of the best from the worlds number one golfer.

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