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Online Trading Platforms and Their Uses

This article will detail the plethora of online trading platforms that are out there and some of the potential uses that end users and consumers can get out of them. The reader will have a better understanding of how to best utilize online trading platforms after reading this article. To a new investor or trader, the great number of online trading platforms and their uses can be very intimidating.

The Best Options Trading Selling Strategies

Though trading options is considered risky, savvy options traders have learned that they can be profitable if they learn more about options trading selling strategies. Options sellers seem to be more profitable than other traders. However, the amount of knowledge needed as well as capital requirements keeps many traders from options trading selling strategies.

How to Have a Trader’s Mindset

According to Dr Alexander Elder, a successful trader needs to master the three ‘M’s’ – These are Money, Method and Mind, or Mindset. The latter is easily the most important and traders who do not have this will not be successful, it’s as simple as that! ‘Money’ refers to money management and ‘Method’ refers to the specific strategy you use to trade.

Trading Psychology FREE Video Series That Reveal the Secrets of Making Millions

Many people think that trading requires a lot of money to begin with. To tell you the truth, the facts are contrary to this misconception that many traders have. Most of the great traders started with only a small amount.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – CFD’s Contracts For Difference

In the category of derivatives i.e. A trading instrument which is derived from a fundamental asset, a stock or an index, is the CFD. CFD stands for “Contract For difference.” This is a regular growing sector in the trading world and perfectly suited to day trading.

Price and Time Trading – Fibonacci vs Gann Square of Nine

There are several methods of trading and many types of investors with different investing personalities and risk tolerance. One method that is overlooked by investors is trading price and time, a way of forecasting potential market turning points. Fibonacci and the Gann Square of Nine are two of these methods.

Day Trading Profit Secret – Why Do We Still Watch the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 Indexes So Closely?

For many a year day traders have followed the Dow Jones as an important guide to the markets. The Dow Jones industrial average is the average price of 30 of the biggest most important stocks in the United States of America. The formula is actually a little more complex than just an average, to allow for stock splits.

Option Trading – Time Decay and Calendar Spreads

In option trading, the practice of calendar spreads usually involves purchasing the further month and selling the closer month options, but there are other routes that can be taken. Regular spreads are better when you are dealing with at the money options, but it can sometimes be a good idea to do the exact opposite, for example when the strike price is out of the money.

A Career in Day Trading – Get Hired Today!

Day trading has a certain lure to it. Making trades and walking away at the end of the day with hopefully some money in your pocket (and quite possibly a lot more money than any other job) is a good feeling. Did you know that you can get hired as a trader quite easily?

Day Trading Profit Secrets – Are You a Trader Or Are You a Forecaster?

In the history of trading, multitudes of day traders have dreamed about forecasting, and many spend much of their waking hours trying to work out how to forecast the markets. The Question is does it work!

How to Trade ES Emini Gaps

Gaps are a popular set up for many traders to initiate trades. They are also a great way to lose money. I explain some of the gap formations and profitable gaps to trade.

Successful Forex Trading

There are a couple of things any trader needs to know before moving into the currency markets. Successful forex trading will require a student mentality and the discipline to follow a system. In this article, I highlight some of the features necessary to become and remain successful in the forex markets.

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