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Trouble in the Markets? Inflation, I Think Not!

So much for a quiet market heading into the employment number. The PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) across the pond are creating quite a stir today with further debt problems surfacing. In the last week or two I wrote another post about how I thought that the PIGS would be the catalyst for a drop in 2010.

How to Find a Beginning of Trend?

Each investor’s dream is to buy cheap, sell expensive. We don’t say that is easy to buy the shares at the bottom and sell them at the top.

Trading Psychology – Three Characteristics of Elite Athletes and How They Apply to Traders

Have you ever watched an elite athlete play their game and thought about how they are a model for traders and trading psychology? Fluid motions, always seeming to be at the right spot at the right time, rarely flustered or visibly upset, and more often than not, making winning plays. How do they develop these skills and can traders use this information?

Castles Made of Sand

There are two good lessons for traders in the simple song lyric “castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually.” First, just as you should not trade based on a faulty idea, you should not use sand as a building material. Second, you need a solid trading plan as your foundation – without it, you’ll slip into the sea, where 90% of traders reside. Let’s look a bit more at both ideas.

Day Trading the News – Simple and Effective!

Trading the news has some distinct advantages over other forms of day trading, time is a commodity that many of us just never seem to have enough of. Many traders have jobs or other commitments and don’t have the ability to be at there computers and trade all of the time.

Currency Forex System Trading – How to Automate Your Financial Success

Currency forex system trading has become one hot new trend. Not only there is a lot of money to be made, but it also give you the leisure of trading 24 hours a day. With so many currencies and online brokers, you could trade your way to financial freedom from the comfort of your home. The forex market has many advantages compared to other and that’s why I trade currencies. Follow along as I give you a brief description of what currency forex system trading is all about.

Keys to Short Term Trading Success

I remember reading in a personal finance book that the stock market is like a perfectly predictable person over the long term, and like addict suffering from severe withdrawal in the short term. The comparison was made to establish the fact that it is near impossible to predict what direction the market is going to take in the short term, because it can go in any direction, and be influenced by absolutely anything.

Swing Trading Books That MAY Help You Learn Some Swing Trading Strategies!

As we all know, swing trading is one of those methods which is being used now days and people are making a living out of it. No wonders, it requires expertise and knowledge in order to succeed in this field but there is always a way through which a newbie could learn things.

Learn Day Trading Secrets – Trading Is an Art, Not a Science!

Many day traders, especially beginning traders, assume that day trading is a science. They assume that there is a secret formula for day trading success, and to learn day trading is like studying for a physics exam.

Do You Trade the TRIN?

The TRIN was developed in 1967 by Richard Arms and is commonly referred to as the Arms Index. It is a widely used index among institutional traders, and used less by individual traders. This can be attributed to the difficult nature of interpreting the indicator, as it contrarian by nature. The TRIN has it’s roots in the analysis of volume, or the breadth of the market.

Learn How to Become a Profitable Day Trader

Day trading is quite simple to understand in a sense. But in another way it is very difficult to apply the rules in a way that will make you a success as a profitable day trader.

Is Profitable Day Trading Based Entirely on Luck?

If you know anything at all about profitable day trading you might think the answer is yes. Certainly the risks associated with day trading are very high and many people lose out on the hard earned cash they try to invest in this way.

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