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The Truth About Binary Option Trading

As someone that knew very little about stock markets and day trading, I fell into a trap that cost me a lot of time and money and I want to share that with you, so that you and others don’t fall into the same trap. I will reveal the truth about Binary Option Trading and how it is NOT a legitimate form of trading.

Forex Marketing Plan – Forex By The Numbers

Having a forex broker is just like you having a complete forex marketing plan. Even a tough business like trading, many day traders will have an discipline trading plan to abide by to survive in the market. Learning the great skills of brokers can help you leverage the critical difference of being a net winning trader, or a net losing trader. It is good to use your employ-ability skills to get a real training course with Forex marketing. Here are two aspects of experienced Forex trading that have to do with creating a Forex trading plan.

E-Mini Trading: Do You Keep Track of Each Day’s Economic Events?

It’s not unusual to hear traders complain that the market spiked them out of their trade without warning. Random spikes in the market do occur from time to time without reason; but generally these rapid rises or falls in the market are caused by market announcements. As an e-mini trader, it is imperative that you are aware of what and when economic reports are going to be released.

Factors That Impact the Financial Market Trends

• International and Domestic Issues: Very recently we saw what a threat of Syrian war did to the markets in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Americas. Oil prices swung upwards and equities downward. War, large scale corporate fraud, political unrest, acts of terrorism (specially in financial capitals), public fear for any reason, oil and energy prices, US federal interest rates, introduction or withdrawal of market stimulus, international trade, unemployment, supply and demand issues and other similar factors can affect market prices to various degrees. In times to come international issues will exert a greater impact on local markets.

Social Investing: The New Face of Retail Investment

The surge of social media has suddenly made it possible for novice traders to tap into the knowledge capital of the more experienced traders. This kind of knowledge sharing among the investing community brings in an overall maturity of the market. This way the market in turn behaves lore responsibly.

Facts About Forex Robots – What You Need To Know

Robots are artificial intelligence machines designed to do human tasks more efficiently. This technology has been adopted in Forex trading system design known as Forex Robots. This article presents true facts and revelations of what they truly are and what you should know about them.

Why Even Bother With a Written E-Mini Trading Plan?

Many of the students I talk with have been through several e-mini trading education programs. I generally ask them about their trading style, and whether or not they have a written e-mini trading plan. The answer to this question is universally “no.”

Binary Options Calculator

With the growing trend of online trading, more and more people today are conducting their investment activities via web-based trading sites and applications. The tools and resources available on the internet for trading purposes are making investing an easy and convenient affair to manage. One such tool that is highly in demand these days is the binary options calculator.

What’s the Secret to Trading E-Mini’s Profitably and Consistently?

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this question I would be a rich man indeed. I don’t know if it’s just the American way, but new e-mini traders are often convinced that there is some sort of secret equation that will assure them success.

Private Mentoring and Educational Trade Rooms – Why Not Just Learn to Trade E-Mini’s on Your Own?

As an e-mini educator, my favorite students are the ones that tried to learn to trade e-mini’s from a popular textbook and have lost a good bit of money. I’ve yet to meet an e-mini trader who became competent from the trading books currently available.

How To Convert Your Trading Strategy Into Forex Signal Services

This article reveals the steps required to convert your trading strategies into Forex signal services, which would serve as an additional source of income. Forex signal services is a system where Forex signals is sent through the signal provider’s trading account, trading platform/server, automated synchronizing systems, web, or emails to a client’s trading account or terminal. It is a fast growing method of commercializing trading strategies.

Forex Trader Beginner Tips – Danger Zone

Forex Trader Beginner Tips – Without these tips you’ll lose thousands. Save your money by reading about these Forex Trader Beginner Tips in <5mins.

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