Facebook Declaring Bitcoin Buy on May 26th? [Crypto News 2021]

4 Types of Gaps and How to Trade Them

Trading gaps is extremely profitable, especially for traders with strategies for gapping up and strategies for gapping down. Some traders only take one side of each gap, but learning to trade the gaps up and down proves to be doubly profitable. It’s hard to trade the gaps intraday, on a short term chart, but can be done. For the swing trader, there is much more money to be made in gaps

How SOES Trading Influenced Today’s Wall Street Landscape

Small Order Execution System, was created in 1988 by Nasdaq for Nasdaq stocks allowing brokers to execute orders up to 1000 shares. The system enabled brokers to bypass using the phone to call a market maker and was now computerized and automated. SOES was created in response to the 1987 stock market’s crash lack of liquidity and partially in response to the market makers backing away (not executing) from their stated quotes.

Follow the Authentic Information of Stock Trading Message Boards

The following lines describe how one should use the various information which are published in the stock trading message boards. It also throws light on the advantages as well as disadvantages of these stock trading message boards.

Day Trading – A Scam?

Many see day trading as a get-rich-quick-scheme; others accept the risk and eventually learn that this presumption appears to be true. Only a select few learn to win trading and find long-term success. So, what makes these select few different from the majority who end up losing money? The answer, “probabilities”.

Learn to Day Trade – Make Money No Matter if the Market Goes Up Or Down

If you learn to day trade, then you will have found the key that unlocks one of the doors to financial success, prosperity, and independence. A solid education in the mechanics of day trading can pay for itself many times over.

Become a Full Time Day Trader – Learn by Using a Real-Time Stock Trading Simulation

Before you become a full time day trader, you must acquire the education that is requisite for day trading. Do you know what is the difference between a college education and a day trading education?

Learn How to Day Trade – Fantasy Day Trading Simulation Based on Live Real-Time Market Data

If you want to get on the fast track to financial freedom, then you should learn how to day trade. Professional day traders can make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day just by spending a couple of hours in front of the computer.

Day Trading Course Online

Taking a day trading course online is money well spent. The course pays for itself many times over, if you apply the concepts that you will have learned online.

Is a Dollar’s Strength an Anomaly?

Although the rally has been impressive, it’s important to maintain the perspective that the Dollar is in a bear market. Even if we were able to rally another 300 points, that would only bring us back to the 38% retracement level from the ’06 highs.

Power Outages – Hog and Cattle Rallies

Hurricane season has brought about some unintended consequences. The one least likely to make the news is their effect on hog and cattle prices.

Fear and Greed Vs Panic

I’ve spent some time analyzing the option data governed by the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA). Finally, I can track open interest on index options as well as volume. I was interested to find out which component was more important; volume or, open interest.

Mini Forex Trading – Learn the Tricks and Skills Needed to Succeed on Forex Trading

Mini Forex Trading for instance is specially designed for people who are just recently engaging to currency trading. Mini forex trading is designed to allow investors to experience forex trading with minimal capital risk of loss. Traders are not limited to only trading one lot at a time, so these accounts are ideal for increasing exposure as trading confidence builds.

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