Why You Are Losing Money With Your Highly Accurate Trading System?

You have probably seen it before. You pick up a glossy brochure or saw an impressive newspaper advertisement claiming an accurate trading system that gives a success rate exceeding 80% or even 90%. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? What if it is true? Imagine how much money you can generate if you are able to consistently pick the “right” trades in the markets.

Profiting in Forex From a Day Trading Morning Breakout Strategy

This strategy uses the first 30 minutes of trading as your guide. It is a breakout strategy based on the idea that levels established in the morning are quite significant and can be used to make profitable trades when the levels are broken. This strategy will work on any market, and is often used in the stock market. It is very simple in its approach.

The Best Way to Eliminate Risk From Your Day Trading

The absolute number one factor that puts people off day trading is the risk factor. We’ve all seen what can happen to companies stock prices, especially so in the recent recession. What you must remember though is that all this money that the world seems to have ‘lost’ hasn’t just disappeared in to thin air. No, far from it. An obscene amount of this money is lining the pockets of day traders. The best part is , you don’t have to be an experienced trader to tap in to some of the markets recession profits, let me tell you why.

My Day Trading Robot Review

Day Trading Robot is one of the newer stock picking systems to hit the market in recent months. I’m an avid day trader and recently it seems like I can’t go anywhere without hearing about this system. I heard that you could get a full money back guarantee if you weren’t 100% satisfied so I gave into my curiosity and bought the system. I’ve been using it for 3 months now so here are my documented results.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – 10 Ways to Find a New Edge

why is it important to keep researching? How can we find new ideas for trading? What happens if you stop looking for new ideas?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – How Leadership Can Improve Your Trading Practice

what is the relationship between leadership and trading? How can leadership insights improve my trading practice? Do I know my direction? Am I aligned? Am I committed?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Executing Your Successful Trade

What are some key aspects of effective trading execution? How can we apply military principles of success to our trading plan? Why is it so important to focus on quality execution?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Managing Your Fears

How can we learn to recognize and overcome fear in trading? can we avoid fear? How can we learn to coexist and acknowledge your fears and yet still become effective traders?

Day Trading Tips For Successful Stock Trading in Today’s Economy

Day Trading Tips for Successful Stock Trading in Today’s Economy. You need to know what you’ve been missing out on.

Emini Futures Trading and Countertrend Methodologies

Most traders that have spent anytime in the financial markets have heard the phrase, “the trend is your friend”, and would agree this is sage advice. However, there are people that pursue emini futures trading with a contrarian view on the markets and utilize countertrend methods, opposed to the crowd. It should be understood, while countertrend trading can be profitable, it is risky and should only be implemented once a trader has a thorough grasp on market dynamics.

ADX Doubles Account in 9 Days – Beats FAP Turbo Performance

The ADX is an indicator to identify market trends and the strength of those trends. When used cautiously with a few guidelines, it can stack the odds decisively in your favor. If you set appropriate profit targets, based on the time frame you’re trading, chances of hitting those targets are quite good.

Successful Day Trading – The Mindset of a Profitable Trader

I have traded my own account for many years, trying most styles before finding my particular niche day trading grain futures contracts. What seemed important in those early days now seems largely irrelevant. Instead, I focus exclusively on a few powerful trading concepts. This article summarizes what is important to me now.

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