Trading Analysis Pitfalls

It is very easy for a trader to go wrong in the area of trading analysis, just because he or she happens to be one of those who believe that they must indulge in very complex analysis before they can catch that winning trade. This is so wrong and very many find this out the wrong way as they loose their life savings and the sweat of their labour is wasted.

Day Trading Robot Review

Day Trading Robot is kind of two things at the moment; a newsletter and an automated trading “robot”. Considering the large price tag of the automated trading system ($112,000 per 1 year license), this article is going to assume you’re currently more interested in the newsletter… and that newsletter is selling like hotcakes.

3 Steps to Stop Losing Money in Trading

To start trading a trader needs to fund an account with some of his or her own money. That is called the initial investment. But even before you consider this step, bear in mind these 3 essential points, they will mean the difference between success and failure for you…

How to Make $500 a Day in Trading

Can you claim to be able to make $500 a day in profits from your trading? In fact how many traders you know can teach you a way to make $500 a day everyday? It is actually not difficult to make such consistent profits at all. You will have to work hard to achieve such results of course. Here are the steps you need to take to be able to make such a sum.

3 Things to Know Before You Trade

Before you start trading there are 3 most important things that you have to know. If you go blind and open an account, there is the high chance that you will get burnt and badly at that! Wouldn’t you agree that the best prepared trader is the most profitable trader?

Profit From Mistakes Other Traders Make

Traders will always make mistakes. Even with the most accurate trading plan, there will be times when a trader loses a trade. Rather than sit back and relax, why don’t you take the initiative and profit from the mistakes that other traders make.

The Role of Big Dreams and Unrealistic Goals in Trading and Investing

All of your trading goals should be realistic and practical. For instance, if you are trading grains and you got in at the first break out of the trend, a realistic goal would be to stay in until it has climbed about 80-100 points. That would be a profit of $4000- $5000 if you were able to stay in the market all 80-100 points up the trend.

Certain Aspects of Trading Which Will Change Your Trading Forever

A trader with a plan is like a hunter with a fully bent crossbow. In order to reap the reward, you must release the trigger and have the courage to assume risk. All the study and training is academic without actual execution of your trading plan.

Australia Day Investing – Iconic Australian Products and the Companies Behind Them

Australia has produced some iconic brands and products which have become part of our cultural identity and have contributed to our economic growth. This article, written on Australia Day 2009, reflects on some of our most beloved products, and their enduring popularity for investors.

A Primer on Day Trading

Trading (most trading methods for that matter) is a 24/7-phased industry that relies on buying and selling of different financial instruments to realize profits by way of buying or selling a certain asset at a timing which makes it more lucrative. Differences in the asset’s value according to its purchasing price and selling price are oftentimes used as indicators of profit… Paper trading software is a type of trading program, typically marketed as a trading course, that gives the actual feel of day trading without having to invest real money. Simply put, paper trading programs are simulations of the actual behaviors of the trade-a great arena for traders who wish to practice and also a great way to curb the emotionality involved in the real day trading world…

Fibonacci Stock Trading – Using Indicators to Stay Ahead of the Market

In today’s volatile market, I’ve found the easiest way to invest is with currency trading. I’ve always done okay, but it wasn’t until I learned about Fibonacci numbers that I started seeing steady gains.

Million Dollar Traders

The TV show Million Dollar Traders has clearly demonstrated two very important lessons that all traders must understand. This article examines these lessons, and what they mean to anyone who wishes to make money from trading.

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