Day Trading Techniques

Basic day trading strategies and day trading tips – day trading does not have to be equivalent to gambling, if you follow these basic rules. However, stops also protect you from huge losses, as they would put you out of a position just before the market plunges.

How Does Day Trading Work

Trading advice on what is day trading. How to day trade and different ways to day trade.

Meta Trader 4 – Forex Metatrader Platform

Meta Trader 4 is forex trading software which serves as a highly user friendly platform for investors, traders and daily spinners alike. Meta trader 4 is software designed by Metaquotes. It’s arguably world’s most renowned forex trading platform. It provides absolute connectivity to the internet which means you would not miss out on any pip placement.

Is Day Trading Right For You?

You always hear about people who live solely off trading stocks. The only real way to make a living off the stock market is by day trading. Sure, it could be easy, but is it the right choice for you?

The Big 3 of Trading Psychology – Confidence, Discipline and Consistency

Consistently profitable trading comes down to just three simple things. The three are the trading psychology, the system, and the risk and money management. Trading psychology means the big 3: discipline, confidence and consistency.

Choosing a Forex Broker – 6 Important Things to Consider

If you are looking for a FOREX broker there are a number of things that you should consider when you are choosing which one to go with.  Brokers can make money from you whether you make a profit or a loss and many will not care either way.  Investing in the FOREX market is a complicated business and the assistance of a good FOREX broker can be an essential element in your success.

How to Start Trading FOREX – First Find a FOREX Advisory Service

If you’re just starting out in the FOREX trading business, one of the hardest things to find are good sources of information that will enable you to break into the FOREX market.   There is a lot of money to be made in FOREX and as with anything that offers large financial rewards it attracts a lot of scammers and chancers.  Whilst there are many free sources of information that don’t actually offer anything useful, there are also plenty of FOREX advisory services offering good information that can be of great benefit to beginners and even seasoned FOREX traders.

Day Trading Tips From the Pros – 4 Secrets to Making Money With Day Trading

Day trading is an exciting way to make money and can provide you with an excellent income once you get started. Today we look at the key characteristics of the world’s most successful day traders. Do you have what it takes?

Learn How to Trade Market Moving News Part 2 – The Rules to Follow – News Drive Trades

Now let’s look at how to gauge the market’s sentiment regarding the news release. All news releases are different. Even the same report offering the same numbers back to back can bring about different reaction from the traders. Some reports offer no surprise and therefore no movement. While other reports have unexpected data and will produce a strong move. Although we have two different potential reactions to news releases, we have a common theme. The theme of the 3 R’s: Release, Reaction and Retracement. The news happens and then the market has the reaction. As a trader, you want to ride the momentum of the crowd.

Here’s How People Make Money With Day Trading

Today we take an inside look at day trading and how people make money with. It’s an exciting to make a few extra bucks and something you can pick up as a hobby or as a full time job.

Learn to Day Trade the Smart Way

What is day trading? Doesn’t everyone trade in the day? Well, traditionally yes, but the day trade is the financial term for when a trader or investor does his buying and selling of commodities or financial instruments on a single market day. All his or her positions and transactions get closed before the market closes on that particular day. All sorts of commodities can be traded this way; they include futures, interest rates, commodity futures, equities, stocks and bonds and even the Forex market.

Techniques and Strategies in Options Trading

Do you want great techniques and strategies for options trading? Get the best tips so you can get the best results-it’s that simple.

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