CRYPTO ETF ON THE BLOCKCHAIN?! -Low Cap 100x Potential – Basketcoin Review

Stock Market Robots – Do They Work?

Do stock market trading robot’s work? It’s certainly proven to be a bit of a grey science, that’s for sure.

Emini Systems – The Logic Behind Emini Trading Systems

I could equally well call this article “Emini systems – the lack of logic behind emini trading systems” as, in fact, sometimes such lack illustrates better what the proper logic should be. And that’s what this article will focus on, hoping that by exposing the lack of logic behind emini trading systems, we should be able to come up with the right logic, the logic needed to produce good, robust emini systems. But, first things first.

Emini Trading – What Exactly is Emini Day Trading?

If you think that you really know what daytrading is about, you may actually be wrong. In any case, it probably would not hurt you to find out if you are correct. How? By reading this article, of course!

Emini Trading – Trading As Gambling

Did you know that trading is really a form of gambling? And should you really care? Not if you don’t want to make thousands of dollars a month from the comfort of your home. Otherwise, you may want to read this article.

Emini Trading – Should You Start Trading Eminis in This Recession?

Do you wonder if it is a good idea to start day trading eminis during this recession? I can relate to that. I was facing the same problem during the previous recession. Would you like to know how I solved it? Then read on!

Emini Trading – Quantum Mechanics and Trading Eminis

You don’t have to be a quantum physicist to be able to trade emini futures. But did you know that some insights from quantum physics can help you in trading eminis? Well, if not, then read on!

How to Take Advantage of This Bear Market of Ours – The Best Stock Picking Program

With the market having been in an official recession for nearly a year now but many experts saying that the end and turnaround are coming soon, now is the perfect time to diversify and scoop up some bargain priced stocks while they’re hot. Many stocks are at all time low prices and are ready to climb and with the best stock picking program out today you can easily differentiate between those which have bottomed out from those which are still dropping.

Do We Really Need to Clip the Hedge?

Hedge funds owe fiduciary duty to their investors. Many are calling for reform. Regulatory reform will cause investment industry to create new vehicles to avoid regulation. By holding all those involved in the investment process accountable to the global fiduciary standard which is already in place, a culture of fiduciary responsibility will prevail with more speed, relevance and effect than any new regulation could conjure.

Know When and How to Take Profits

No matter how well you enter a trade, if you never take a profit then it is all for naught. Like fishing, stories of the one that got away mean absolutely nothing compared to the big fish sitting in the frying pan. Profit-taking is an important tool that every trader should add to his or her trading arsenal. The thrill itself may have been what initially attracted you to trading, but sooner or later every trader needs to make a profit. As you probably already know, the market really doesn’t want to give up any of its money to you so don’t expect it to. Instead, why not take matters into your own hands and actually take it from the market yourself?

Trading Psychology – Be Wary of Trading Chat Rooms and Ego Tendencies

Are you a member of a trading chat room? Although they can be very useful, chat rooms can also be a danger for a trader. This article explains why.

Trading Psychology – Top Tips to Maintain Your Psychological Edge While Trading

Are you a trader looking for an edge? Your trading psychology skill-set is just as important as your technical trading skills. Here are seven tips you can use to build and maintain a psychological trading edge.

Trading Psychology – Five Things to Avoid in Trading

Are you a trader who reads the experts’ newsletters but still can’t seem to win at trading? Do you find yourself in losing trades because you had a market bias or refused to let the market tell you that your trade idea was wrong? From a trading psychology perspective, there are things you clearly don’t want to do. Here are five of them along with corrective remedies.

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