CPU MINING RIG BUILD Part 1 / How To Build a CPU Mining Rig

Understanding Why Your Emotions Are Causing You to Fail in Forex Trading

Because all of us went to school, it has been ingrained into our brains with the urge to be correct in order to be successful. This habit of being right is causing us to fail in trading. We want eight out of ten trades to be winners. It is the need to be more right than wrong that is causing us to lose. We only want to win trades and avoid losing trades at all costs by trading without a stop loss. We lie to ourselves that a losing trade is not a loss until we actually close the trade. By holding onto a losing position and hoping that it will come back one day, we have failed at trading. This is because we don’t accept losing trades.

Options Trading in an IRA – More Options Trading Strategies Allowed in Retirement Accounts

In the past, options trading was not permitted in an IRA account by brokerages. Today, more and more brokerages are allowing some option strategies within retirement accounts.

Day Stock Trading to Traders Who Want to Get Filthy Rich

Day trading is certain pattern in trading. You really need to know what you’re doing with this technique. Read more about day trading and what it can do for you.

Day Trading – The Opening Range Breakout

The opening range breakout is simple to understand but is increasingly difficult to trade in today’s stock market. This article gives some easy-to-follow tips for anyone looking to day trade this pattern.

Day Trading Training – A Live Forex Trading Room

Learning to day trade the forex market can be a very difficult task if you do not learn from a trained professional who has day traded forex with profitable results for years. Day trading is perhaps the most popular form of speculative trading, however this does not mean it is easy, and as such needs to be learned from someone who has been in the business for years and achieved success.

3 Tips For Getting the Best Value Investing Program

A lot of traders are beginning to use investing programs, otherwise known as stock pickers, to guide them in their trading. Every aspect of the analytical process is done so that you’ve just got to invest in the picks which the program generates for you. I’ve tested dozens of pickers over the past several years since this technology first hit the market, so here are my 3 top tips for getting the best value investing program overall towards realizing your financial independence today.

The Secret to Find and Buy Cheap Stock Shares Which Will Triple in Value Overnight

With our economy still bogged down in a recession, there are some things to celebrate and be happy about when it comes to investing. Many stocks have reached all time low, bottomed out prices and are ripe for the picking. Finding a ripe penny stock which is ready to explode maybe the ultimate goal given the high profit potential behind low priced stocks. Obviously the key is finding them and separating the good from the bad, so here is one method which some traders have begun to embrace to find and buy cheap stock shares which are set to triple in value in no time.

Why Every Trader Needs the Short Selling Weapon

Short selling became popular amongst day traders over the last couple of years. In the recent economic climate, many traders found themselves in a difficult position. The stock prices were falling by huge numbers and many traders were unable to determine what to do next. Figuring out what to buy became impossible for some traders.

3 Tips on Getting the Best Investment Trading Software

The investment trading software market or those programs which deliver analytically plucked stock picks in your lap is littered with ineffective programs just looking to capitalize on the success of programs which do work and the insecurities of investors looking for effective stock tips. Truthfully, however, there are a handful of worthy programs which are far more than worth their purchase prices. Here are 3 tips for spotting and getting the best investment trading software.

Build a Swing Trading System – Build Your Knowledge!

You are on the way to learn about currency trading and a trading system irrespective of the time span you require integrating two factors into your swing trading. Support and resistance You will have to spot the areas with support and resistance levels where the prices either probably hold or break.

Easy Money – NOT!

I recently came across this question in a trading forum: “I just lost my job. I’m thinking of a career change. Can I make a living trading?” Here is how I’d answer the question.

Trading For Regular Income

An investor designs a trading plan for maximum returns over the long term, but if you trade for a living other factors are more important. This may seem strange to the novice trader, but if you have traded for a long time you will come to recognize that certain types of plan, while very profitable in the long term, are impractical as a means of supporting a person with bills to pay. In general, if you want a steady income, you need to have a plan that trades regularly with trades of short duration.

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