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Can I Get Rich Fast by Day Trading?

There is a perception that day trading is a get rich business. This perception has drawn thousands into the day trading business, only to have these new traders hopes let down. Day trading is not a get rich quick business because there are a number of skills to master before you are competent.

How to Use the MACD Indicator

MACD is one of the most popular technical indicators in the world, many traders use it. But do you know how to properly use the MACD technical indicator? This article will tell you how.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – Why Do You Need Proper Education?

You see the ads in the magazines, on television in the newspapers. People just like you are making a fortune from day trading. Why shouldn’t you?

Discover How to Maximise Your Index CFD Wins Through This Simple Technique

Every single trader aspires to making regular consistent windfall profits day after day and whilst this prospect sounds brilliant, wise and noble traders will tell you it isn’t that easy. Unfortunately there are a lot of people offering the world but regularly failing to deliver but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can discover the key ingredients the pro’s use and learn to model that technique to ensure your own success in the markets.

The Top Secret to Identifying the Best Aussie 200 CFD Index Trades

For many budding traders, nailing a perfect trade on the Aussie 200 index is a very high priority. Not only can the rewards be great but the satisfaction of having picked the winning trade gives a great boost to your trading confidence. Today we’re going to take a look at what the top secret is to trading the Aussie 200 index and staying ahead of the game.

Apply Share Trading Strategy to Get the Best of Your Invested Money

There are a lot many people who win and lose thousands of money every day in this market. The share market is one of the largest markets of trading. The person who is new to this market needs a lot care in both investing money and choosing the right company.

How to Cut Your Losses Short When Trading – Your First Loss is the Best Loss!

Some traders have an uncanny ability to be able to call the market tops and bottoms ahead of the rest of the market. These traders are the ones to likely be found breaking the rules of moving stop losses.

The Gann Death Angle With Some Enhancements

Gann Trading theory can be complex and nebulous at times. I have used many of Gann’s techniques and have added my own enhancements to them. This article will cover how you can use the Death Angle and two other angles as away to prevent whipsawing and staying with the current trend.

Five Characteristics of a Good Trading Platform

Trading on a quality trading platform is an absolute necessity for a full time futures trader. Glitches and poor software design are an indication it is time to move on to a better quality trading platform. Your trading platform is your life blood in trading and it must be dependable.

What Not to Look For in a Trading Room

Trading rooms are the place where all those who are new to the game of scalp trading learn a few basics. The idea of introducing the concept of trading rooms is to provide and insight to the market for those who are inexperienced and have not yet learnt how to read the market and its price actions properly.

Day Trading Profits Secrets – Trading ETF’s

Trading an ETF or Exchange Traded Fund is a viable option to trading some of the big futures contracts such as Natural Gas and Gold. The reason to do this would be to use a much smaller margin and reduce your risk exposure to the trade.

How to Use the Directional Movement Index

The Directional Movement is one of Welles Wilder’s lesser known indicators and not used nearly as much as many of the more popular Wilder indicators like the ADX, RSI, Parabolic SAR and several others. But there is a time and place for the Directional Movement Index and I explain how I use the Directional Movement Index.

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