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How To Find Out If Your Money Management Plan Is Working

Money Management is an elemental component of trading. This article asks 3 basic questions for you to find out if your Money Management plan is in good working order for you and your risk tolerance.

Learn to Love Your Losers

The only way to never have a losing trade is to never trade. This article discusses why your losing trades are just as important, if not more so, than your profitable trades.

3 Simple Ways to Find a Good Stop Loss Strategy for Your Forex Trades

If you think that there is a blueprint that will automatically make you a successful forex trader, think again. If you don’t understand how to trade forex, then it is time to get educated. In this lesson, I will reveal why you should always have a good stop loss point in place and how to effectively use these stop loss points to prevent a possible retracement from hitting your number.

Online Forex Trading Software Reviews and Backgrounds

There are many sites that offer online forex trading software. However, it is always your choice to check out for the best one that suits your specific and unique needs. It is a good idea to browse through the multiple features that are being offered. Check for a platform that has a good credibility and promises easy interface with features that can bring you great benefits.

What Should You Be Trading This March 2008?

Let’s look at what we know so far… The Down Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is down 7.5% for the year. The Nasdaq is down 14% The S&P 500, the top 500 stocks in the country, are down 9.4%. Just to break even for the year, forget a profit, look at how far they must come back up.

Learn All About Forex Trading

Not many people would know this, but global foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world. At a daily turnover of 3.2 trillion US dollars it stands tall and above the combined turnover of all the world’s stock and bond market!

Online Trading – The Don’ts

Internet trading has opened thousands of opportunities for the layman to invest. Also, shifting the trend from savings to investments has got a revolutionary change in the stock market.

Doubling Stocks Review – Day Newsletter Penny Stock Trading Scam?

Do you want to learn more about Doubling Stocks, and whether this penny stock newsletter really works as well as it claims? Now if you have tried penny stock trading, you will know that it is not for the faint hearted. When you win, you win big, but you also lose big when things do not go well. Many of the companies that offer cheap stock are not safe investments, and with poor information, things can get very ugly for you. Yet the Doubling Stocks owners claim that they have a high return rate from trading penny stocks. This article will discuss how I did with this newsletter, and whether it is worth your time…

FOREX Day Trading – The Basics To Getting Started

If you are experience or inexperience this is for you. The inexperience have a complete education site, with trading basics, examples, and working with statistics. Also, a complete Glossary, free trading e-book with demo signup, advanced educational tools for traders, and are able to start trading with as little as $250 dollars.

Looking For Trades In All Of The Wrong Places

This short article discusses how watching the computer monitor can mesmerize a trader and lull them into taking trades that don’t fit their trading plans. The article also gives specific solutions to the problem. A must read for any serious trader.

How To Get 85-90% Winning Trades

This short article gives a discussion of trend trading vs. counter trend trading and gives the reader several examples of why one strategy is better than the other. It also examines why some trading systems have a 85 – 90% winning trades ratio and why they do. A must read for the avid day trader.

Learn Discount Daytrading

People who want to get into daytrading often say, “I want to learn daytrading but I don’t have the funds necessary to meet the daytrading requirements. Remember daytrading stocks requires a minimum of $25,000 in your account.

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