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Forex Traders Use Candlestick Doji Star to Show Reversal Sign

What is a star candlestick? It is a small candle body which gaps away from the previous one. It could be at the top of an uptrend or at the bottom of a downtrend market.

Average Directional Index (ADX) – Can it Be Used to Trade Forex Profitably?

The Average Directional Index (ADX) can be used to increase your Forex trading profits. Learn to use this unique indicator to make your trading more successful.

How Day Trading Works According to Einstein

One of the most common mistakes novice day traders make is thinking that there is any stable reality to trading the markets. There isn’t. It’s all relative. But knowing this can actually make your trading more simple and allow you to trade with more confidence and higher profits.

MetaStock Manual – Highest High Value Bars Ago

The Highest High Value Bars Ago function is a variation on the Highest Bars Ago function, in that it still returns the number of periods that have passed since the highest value in the selected ‘data array’, however MetaStock will only check back to the number of ‘periods’ specified. For example, assume we have two years of history loaded in our chart. If we were to ask MetaStock for the highest high value bars ago with reference to the close, only using 40 periods, it will only search these 40 periods for the highest closing value. It will then count the number of periods since that occurred and return this value.

Knowing the Tricks For Sell and Buy in Day Trading

For an investor good at day trading, the market is neither good nor bad. It is ideal, for the one who has the capacity to seize the correct timing to buy and sell. An imaginative day trader knows what happens when the market conditions are awful, like the current period of recession.

Get Over the Fear and Start Trading Online Today

Thinking about and actually starting to trade online are completely different. We hesitate because of fear of the unknown. This article can help understand and overcome that fear so you can start trading online today.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – You Don’t Have to Be Right to Make Money

Would you rather be “right” or make money? What’s the purpose of your trading plan? How can you manage your psychological state to improve your bottom line?

Nicolas Darvas 10 Golden Rules of Trading

Nicholas Darvas was one of the best Wall Street traders of all time. By 1959, he had amassed a fortune of $2.2 million trading on the stock market, using a method that he developed and perfected over years of trading. Today, that $2.2 million would be over $20 million – an enormous amount of money for an independent investor to make.

Waiting For the Bounce, Or Not?

One of the ways to catch a stock is by catching it as it falls on support. When a stock hits support it is normally a good sign that it will go up. But should you wait for the bounce or not?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – How Science Can Help Your Trading

How can a metaphor of hypothesis testing improve my discipline? How can science help me overcome the inability to pull the trigger in a trade? How can a scientific approach help me define the decision points in a trade?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – 8 Attributes of Quality Market Research

How can scholarship and academic standards improve our trading practice? What are some characteristics of high quality investment research? How can a scientific approach strengthen a practical activity like trading?

Day Trading Robot Analysis and Review

Day Trading Robot has been gaining popularity in stock trading circles all over. It’s difficult to find a legitimate review of the system, however, with most sites simply exclaiming the promises of overnight riches. Just for my own benefit, I decided to finally sit down with this system and chart my results and overall take on the system which I’ll share here in my Day Trading Robot analysis.

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