Day Trading – 5 Things You Should Consider Before You Day Trade

So, you want to become a day trader? That’s great. It surely has to one of the most satisfying, rewarding and time efficient ways to earn a living.

10 Tips For Preparing For a Profitable Trading Day

Every great athlete, musician and professional where the stakes are high, knows that warm up and preparation can make a big difference to performance. Here are 10 tips-trading advice for preparing for your best trading day.

Losing? How to Figure Out Where You Are Going Wrong

One of the most common questions the struggling trader has is “where am I going wrong?”. There can often appear to be such a mind boggling array of variables in trading, that it seems impossible to unravel the primary issues. When you strip away your emotions on the subject and look at your situation with cold hard analysis, there are really only two main variables:

Market Club – A Review of MarketClub

Their has been a lot of talk about Marketclub system. They have been written about in both Kiplingers and Barrons magazines. Marketclub has many videos promoting their product.

How to Ensure You Minimize Risk and Preserve Capital

The first and foremost thing you must think about when trading is to protect your capital and do whatever you can to ensure your risk is minimized to the utmost. If you can think in this frame of mind, rather than one of making money, you stand every chance of being a successful trader.

Some Benefits of Day Trading – And What It’s Worth to You

One of the many benefits of Day trading is that it can be considered in the context of made to order. You can do exactly as you please with your day, and it is your day. Trade from any place you like if you’d rather not visit your office.

Forex Trading – The Basic Ingredients of Forex Trading

When it comes to starting up your own work from home business, there are fewer ventures better to get into than Forex trading. More and more people are starting to realize the potential this form of trading has and are enthusiastically becoming involved. But what is forex trading?

The Importance of Highs and Lows in Trading

If the market is going to break and it is going to make a move, I want to know where my first target is. You can see it is just above 9505. One thing you can notice is that the last one, two full weeks were not able to break through either the high or the low. The reason why that is important is if for some reason big money is not willing to sell lower than this price, but they are not willing to buy above this price either.

Why Price Moves – An Introduction

You’ll find in many trading books, websites or courses a statement to the effect that ‘price rises because there are more buyers than sellers’, or ‘price falls because there are more sellers than buyers’. While I understand what the author is trying to say, it’s not quite correct. There are not more buyers than sellers, or more sellers than buyers. Any transaction involves both a buyer and seller. The number is the same – one buyer and one seller. So, across the whole trading session, the number of buyers will always match the number of sellers. It’s fairly obvious when you think about it. So, why does price move?

What You Need to Know Before You Even Start Trading

Risk versus Returns. How much is really enough and are we prepared to face the consequences?

Things You Got to Know Before You Start Online Trading

Before you start trading it is good to know the basics. Learn about it before you even start Online trading.

Are Your Images of Your Trading Day Motivating Or Frustrating?

The images of today’s society are thrown at us to encourage us to want bigger and better, more, and faster. We are literally bombarded with high priced images and images that draw on our human desire to succeed in our lives. Status symbols are all over the place and often we know from the beginning which ones will excite us. Whether we want large yachts, expensive cars, million dollar homes, or a life of financial freedom, we all want something and we focus on the images that spark desire in our lives.

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