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What You Need to Know About Emini Futures

Learning Indicators and The Eminis in Day Trading. Let’s cut to the chase, there are essentially two kinds of day traders.

Some Rules to Online Day Trading

A day trader is one trading stocks, options, commodities, or futures on the web. Many times new day traders ask the difference between stock/options trading vs. futures day trading. This question comes up many times in our user’s camp. Now, if the rules are overlooked unintentionally (or knowingly), let’s discuss what they are and what happens if violated.

How to Find Hot Penny Stocks That Will Make You a Fortune Overnight

Ever wonder what the signs are of an undervalued penny stock waiting to blast into the stratosphere of price? In this article I’ll teach the basics of value investing in penny stocks and show you how you can get started finding the hottest, most profitable penny stocks in the market.

5 Trading Statements That Make You Sound Stupid

We’ve all said them at some point or another, or at least thought them. Whether it was that trade you were just way to sure of a breakout that never occurred or a trading system you bought that never worked, here’s a quick recap of my five least intelligent things to hear from another trader.

The Next Asset Bubble? Learn Day Trading to Protect Yourself From the “Panic Hedge”

Is there another huge asset bubble on the horizon? Learn day trading to protect yourself from the “panic hedge” that is creating a HUGE bubble. Most people will get ruined when this bubble bursts. But a select few will actually benefit from it.

E-mini Trading – A Home-Based Business For You

Maybe you’re a young person looking for a career; or, a neat way to make a few extra bucks working part time. Maybe you’re a little older, with family responsibilities now demanding more than your current pay check will cover. (Time to find that ‘second job’!) Maybe you’re retired…and bored with golf and shuffleboard and maybe even not making it on social security.

Options Education – 8 Deadly Mistakes Newbie Traders Make

Master the Options Trading game! You can win consistently win if you know the game. You can not win the options trading game without a complete understanding of the situations that can arise in your trading. Unfortunately, many newbie traders just do not understand this fact and continue to do the following…

Understanding Support and Resistance is Essential For Trading

In simplest terms, the market is basically a mirror of overall investor behavior with regard to particular securities. In other words, the way the populous with respect to the stock is reacting is also the market’s response. Also the actions with regard to multiple investors tend to remain continual so when a stock is at a pleasing purchase price point support is created at that price.

Binary Options Trading Basics

We are all familiar with the basics of trading – a trader studies the market and buys an asset at certain price, hoping that its price will rise and he will sell the asset at the new higher price and profit from the difference. In binary options trading though this is different. Yes, the trader, otherwise known as the buyer, will look into the market and yes he will decipher which way he thinks the market will move, but the outcome and method of profiting is somewhat different.

How to Develop a Trading Plan

In a previous article, I discussed why one needs to develop and implement a Trading plan. Continuing along those same lines, the development of the Trading plan is extremely crucial to your trading success and there are certain key points that the trading plan should contain.

The Trading Plan – Why You Need It

Many traders are not successful. Unfortunately, more times than not, people make trades without understanding the full potential of the risks involved or understanding the accounts in which they trade. Trading is a business and it must be viewed in that way.

Options Trading Explained

The words ‘binary option trading’ are becoming more prevalent in the trading world. Some benefit is being derived from the current turbulent economic situation. Fluctuations in currencies, commodities and the like, have created an opportunity for profiting off these changes. Hence binary option trading has escalated in use and is a popular method of profiting for many investors.

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