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Day Trading – Secrets of Success Exposed – You’re NOT Neil Armstrong (So Stop Acting Like It)

Day trading secrets to successful day trading really AREN’T secrets. You just need to know where to look to learn day trading. If you want to learn day trading secrets, then you just need to open up your eyes and look around. Here are some day trading secrets that you can’t afford to ignore.

Trading Psychology – Five Common Mistakes Traders Make in Keeping a Trading Journal

Some of the biggest errors traders is related to their trading journal. Here are five common errors that can easily be corrected and put you on the path for successful trading through your trading journal.

Learn Forex Basics

Take the first step to being a part of the 3 trillion dollar daily market. The effort of doing it right from the start will more than pay off in the end.

CFD Trading With Trailing Stop Losses

When trading margined products such as CFDs and Forex, the safest way to protect your portfolio is by using risk management tools. They offer CFD traders unrivalled protection against negative market movements without restricting open-ended profit. One of the most popular tools available to CFD and Forex traders are Trailing Stop Losses.

Penny Stocks – Cash Out Or Reinvest?

Don’t be in a rush to cash out or reinvest your penny stocks. They can take awhile to make substantial gains. You must watch your trades and make sure you know it is a good time to sell and cash out your trades. Timing is everything. If you sell too soon you could lose out on a major move up in the stock and if you wait too long your investment could turn south very fast.

The Hidden Secrets of Currency Day Trading

What you need to know to get yourself started on the right foot when you begin your day of trading. It makes a lot of difference to know what to do before, during, and after trading. This is what all Forex successful traders do on a daily basis.

Options Trading – Basics of Options Trading Explained

Option trading gives us huge amounts of leverage. Think of a water skier behind a boat all the boat driver has to do is turn the wheel slightly and the skier is flung past the boat at a rapid pace or leveraged past the boat. So in the technical sense leveraging means using a small effort to move a large object. Looking at it from a financial sense, leverage is having control over a much larger investment or asset, or gain a very high return using a small amount of money.

Learn Day Trading Success Secrets – Your Brokerage Decision is Key to Your Day Trading Success

For those who want to learn day trading, one important step that you’ll have to take is selecting a broker. This is a very important component to your overall day trading success, and yet many people fail to really do the necessary due diligence in their selection.

Understanding the Plug and Play Day Trading System

While there’s some merit to the 4 arrows all lighting green, which cites that the price tendency is all in a single track over several various time-frames, blindly following it’s a horrible day trading system. You can’t properly call yourself a trader if this is your demeanour. You are just a monkey pressing buttons.

Why Day Trade Futures Indexes and Not Stocks?

There are a variety of trading instruments that lend themselves to day trading, but none compare with the emini futures contract. I have a look at the margin requirements and money management that can make you a successful day trader.

How to Use Stops in Trading

Stops are very important if not the most important part of a trader’s tool set. There a few different types of stops and a simple search engine check will reveal many different ways of placing stops, which can be confusing to any new trader.

Learn Day Trading and Escape the Rat Race

To become a successful trader, learn trading or online trading, and make a living from trading, an individual must be ready to put in the complicated work, effort and time needed to succeed as a trader. A trader has to defeat all the capabilities required to be successful. The most vital talent to be mastered is in the shape of feelings and it is maybe the hardest of all to come and master. An instructor is always the preferred route compared to just reading some books on trading or buying a black box system.

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