The Nicholas Darvas Story Exposed

Two trading experts discuss the Nicholas Darvas story. Nicholas Darvas didn’t want to look ignorant when talking to his brokers, so he didn’t ask questions when he didn’t understand. Always seek understanding and your trading profits will begin to grow.

Myth Busting – Trading Takes All Day Long

I like to keep my trading day to about an hour or possibly two. In fact, my most profitable days index trading have been when I only traded for about thirty minutes. Let’s look at the reasons why this myth (that trading takes all day) has been spread.

Risk to Reward Ratios

I’ve never been a big fan of Risk-To-Reward ratios. Here is something that works better.

Trading Mindset – Don’t Play Catch Up

One of the worst things you can do as a trader is to try and get even on a trading day when you are down. In this article we will cover how you should handle it.

What is CFD Financing and What Are the Costs to Trade Contracts For Difference?

By far the most common question people ask is how does the CFD financing work? Today we’ll take a look at the basics behind CFD leverage and how the CFD brokers make their money. The cost of accessing opportunity when trading Contracts for Difference is remarkably cheap but you do need to be aware of the costs associated with this very flexible trading product.

Top 3 Day Trading Tips to Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Certain times of the year present outstanding opportunities and year after year these seasonal trends stay in place. To make life easier for you I’ve identified the top 3 day trading tips to take advantage of these seasonal trends and in this case we’ll look at the Christmas rally or sometimes referred to as the December rally. One of these tips is the most often overlooked yet provides the most incredible value. Are you using it with your trading?

Where Can I Go to Learn More About CFD Trading?

The exciting Profits that can be made from trading a leveraged product can be staggering. I’ve written about traders who have made over 440% in 9 weeks using CFDs but with any leverage comes the potential for larger than normal losses. Gaining a solid CFD education is absolutely critical if you are going to have any sort of Success when it comes to trading Contracts for Difference. Today we’ll look at where you can go to learn more about CFD Trading.

Taking Profits When Markets Are Falling – Your Step by Step Guide When Short Selling

Sharp declines normally are disastrous for the uneducated investor but for those who understand the simple rules of short selling it can represent an absolute gold mine of profits. When markets fall sharply, fear and greed are at their peak. Discover how you can take advantage of these massive sell offs by understanding the emotions of the market and utilising a sensible trailing stop loss.

How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Wipe Out My Account When Trading CFDs?

Ever wondered how those ‘Super Traders’ are able to double and triple their trading account so quickly? The truth is they trade at irresponsible levels of leverage and many times just get lucky. You should never be relying on luck to get you through and in this article I’m going to explain some of the key points t keep you safe when trading on leverage using Contracts for Difference or CFDs.

Do I Need to Use a Guaranteed Stop Loss When Trading CFDs?

You mother always said to carry protection and that advice definitely carries over to the world of Day Trading CFDs. Discover whether you ever need to spend extra money on a Guaranteed stop loss or should you just use normal stops. Do they cost extra? Do professional trader use a GSL? Find out this and more in this article.

Day Trading the Index Futures Market – Why is it Best Suited to Day Traders?

Futures Trading can be incredible profitable or disappointingly painful and in this article we’ll take a look at why Futures Trading might be best suited to the short term day trader or intraday trader. Index futures require a solid trading plan and brilliant money management strategies or else the professional will eat you up for breakfast.

What is a Hedge Fund and How Can I Invest in One?

Since the 2007 recession started we have heard a lot about hedge funds and how they have lost loads of money for their investors. The question most people have though is what is a hedge fund? And why can’t I invest in one?

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