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Volatility Trading

If a particular market offers options upon it, volatility trading is another manner in which a view of the market can be expressed. As such, the investor is not taking a view of the direction of the market, but its momentum.

Day Trading – Predictive Versus Reactive Style

Determining which direction the market may or may not go is a difficult process. There are trading style which do not try to predict market direction, but react to the direction the market is already headed. This trading style is called scalping and I share my thoughts on the advantages of scalping.

Is CFD Trading Similar to Spread Betting?

If you are a United Kingdom citizen then you must know that Contract for Difference Trading and Spread betting are two major attractions for investors who indulge in trading. It is not that that both of them are exactly the same, at the same time they are not very different as well. In order to understand the relation both of them share, we need to understand the similarities and dissimilarities between the two.

Evaluating Penny Stocks

Since the global financial meltdown in 2008, penny stocks have become the focus of the stock market. These stocks are perceived to have the highest growth potential and to provide the greatest return on investment. Statistics have shown that the number of people investing in low end stocks have increased dramatically, for around ten-fold, as compared to before the financial crisis.

Common Mistakes of Day Trading

Day trading can be difficult to exercise for beginners who are new to the field of stock trading. It is risky as well as challenging to reap profits out of day trading. Buying and selling of stocks, all in the same day, and making money out of the slight price variations occurring throughout the day is where the challenge rests.

Amplify Your Investments With Contracts For Difference

Contracts for difference can amplify your gains from a rising or falling share price, index, currency or commodity using leverage. You can gear up to amplify your exposure, or down to manage your risk, but alas CFDs require true and unadulterated discipline.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

After establishing new advance highs early Thursday, the indices have pulled back a bit, first by reversing most of the early Thursday gain and then by reversing an early gain on Friday as well. Still, the indices continue to find a way to press higher while leaving behind only small pullbacks. From a long-term perspective, there are some interesting things taking place.

Day Trading – What Kind of Computer is Best to Trade With?

Oftentimes a trader’s computer system is poorly designed and doesn’t meet the needs of the trader should a catastrophic event occur. I suggest using desktop computers over notebook computers and a variety of other suggestions to assure your trading doesn’t suffer because of poor computer system design.

Financial Spread Betting is Good For New Investors

Are you planning to try your luck in the field of trading? Do you have interest in shares and bets? Well, if the answer is yes then you should opt for financial spread betting.

The Emini Dow – 4 Tips on How You Can Trade This Contract and Make Off Like a Bandit

If your serious about trading the emini dow then you need these tips. Learn how you can trade like a wall street pro.

Technical Analysis Training – Will the Trend Continue Or Will it Stop? Part II

In Part I of our technical analysis training series on ”Will the trend Continue or will it stop?” we talked about the need for two kinds of tools to measure the strength of a trend, which will help you assess if the trend will continue or if it will stop. The first tool was the proper setting of targets according to the higher time period market structure of support and resistance.

Day Trading E Minis and the Benefits – Why We Trade Them

You have the ability to make as much money as your experience allows you to. That is, these markets have a huge amount of money going through them.

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