Day Trade E Mini Futures – The Best Way to Learn How

The hardest thing about learning to day-trade is the mindset associated with winning and losing money. No system, no matter how good it is will produce 100% winning trades. So learning to deal with this emotional roller coaster is vital.

A CFD Strategy to Take Home to Mum

While CFDs are not usually considered a safe investment for your mother, one of the CFD Traders following the Nasdaq strategy is suggesting it to his Mum! To trade CFDs successfully you need just three things: a profitable strategy to follow, sound risk management and; the discipline to follow the strategy.

Day Trading Psychology – Do You Have a Abundant Mentality Or a Scarcity Mentality?

Your beliefs towards money are intricate towards your ability to make it. Do you have an abundance mentality or a scarcity one? Both Anthony Robbins and the movie “The Secret” express the importance of your beliefs and how they create your reality.

Taking Advantage of Volatility When Trading CFDs

Volatility is a blessing for CFD traders as movement is required to make money. I do not like it when the market just sits around in consolidation.

Does Technical Analysis Work?

There has been a long standing debate between academics and trader about the scientific validity of technical trading. Academia has long dismissed this form of trading as spurious. I explain my views on this topic and look at various technical indicators and asses their effectiveness in my personal trading.

7 Secrets You Should Know Before You Even Think of CFD Trading

While the process of trading CFDs may seem shrouded in mystery it is actually quite simple. Below is a list of the seven things you should know before you start trading CFDs.

The ASX Joins the Contracts For Difference Revolution With ASX CFDs

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has recently listed ASX CFDs for equities, indices, currencies and commodities. These CFDs are identical to the CFDs issued by other CFD providers in the market, but there are a few differences in the way they trade.

CFD Risks – How to Avoid Financial Ruin

CFD risks are mainly due to the leverage that is available when trading them. When trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) you are using a large amount of leverage and this leverage can work for you and work against you.

What Are Hot Tips For Selling in Trading Stock? An Online Trading Guide

The steps to closing a trade sale can be complex, but may at last turn out to be a sure bet when you employ the right selling tips. Trade dealing could be a hard job, but extremely rewarding when the necessary steps are taken.

Is Day Trading a Daydream Or Outstanding Possibility? An Online Share Dealing Guide

Trading as a living is a dream of many. If you’re a part time trader, you without doubt dream about this every morning you’ve got to get up early and face the never-ending traffic before getting to the office. You dream about turning into a fulltime trader each long hour you sit at work doing work you don’t like.

Trading Psychology – Ace Your Trading

Do you find yourself making avoidable errors in your trading? Sometimes, avoidable events lead to problems all day long. Learn how to truly correct mistakes by taking steps to ACE your trading.

Penny Stock Trading Mistakes

Be Patient – always do your research. Many investors, rush into Penny Stock Trading because the stocks are cheap; ok it could be a gamble and you might come out the better. The fact of the matter is you will not always win with this approach. You may end up losing a nice bit of money even at a very cheap share price. It all adds up.

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