Day Trading Results – Always Go With a Company That Publishes Their Results

Some companies try and hide their trading results for they are only as good as, or in some cases, worse than you could achieve on your own. Do not be fooled.

What Makes a Successful Trader?

Day trading combines a variety of unorthodox tools and methodologies to achieve positive results. Unfortunately, many of the tools the day trader employs seem arcane and counter-logical to the average person. Just the same, they work and must be learned to be successful.

Wall Street Survivor Fantasy Trading

Fantasy trading provides traders and investors a vehicle to experiment with investing or trading the equity market without using actual money. Wall Street Survivor is an excellent website for administering a fantasy trading account to consider new strategies and explore new plans. Fantasy trading is entertaining and if you are wise and lucky it can make you a little money too.

The Psychology Behind CFD Trade and Share Trading

CFD trade and share trading are not only about charts, figures and money. Do you know that there is a psychology behind CFD Trade and Share Trading?

Getting Trained in Day Trading – Surprising Resources and the Old Standards

Those who want to taste success in the volatility of day trading market are certainly required to enhance their skills. For this reason good day trading training provides great assistance. It arms you with a trustworthy and reputed way of increasing your skills and performance levels in the volatility and complexity of the active trading in the market.

My CFD Trading and Stock Market Experience – Learning From Losing!

My experience with trading to-date is probably quite typical. I sold out nearly all investments at the top of the market and started dealing in CFDs and lost money. Then, I started to trade again via spread betting a few years ago and although I didn’t read much…

Direct Access Brokerages VS Online Retail Brokerages

Direct access is typically excludes inactive and long day traders. Investors prefer this method for reasons such as low involvement of transaction and low exchange fees and also because there are no brokers involved. Direct access trading is primarily for self-helped active traders.

Indicators and Charts That Are Used by Technical Analysts

Technical analysts require different kinds of charts, concepts, theories and overlays to predict the price trends. The popular indicators are the following…

How to Trade Options – Iron Condor

Iron Condors are a fun but challenging trade to play properly. One the one hand, it gives you the chance to turn a quick profit on a very risk controlled, high probability options spread. On the other hand, things can turn bad pretty quickly if you get caught in the wrong trade. Here’s a brief guide to help make sure you keep your iron condors on the right side of every trade you make.

How to Trade Options – Calendar Spreads

Calendar spreads are a simple and widely recommended ingredient for any option trader’s portfolio. The mindset behind this sort of diversification is that one needs a strategy to make money in any kind of market, whether the market goes up, down or sideways. There are plenty of simple strategies for when the market goes up and down, but sideways is usually a bit trickier and less well known. That’s where calendar spreads become so useful.

Do Natural Born Traders Exist?

There is a misconception that some individuals are born to trade successfully. I have not met this individual yet, as most traders master their profession through hard work, diligence and dogged determination. These are the qualities of a good trader.

Ultimate Swing Trading Strategy That Works For All Types of Markets!

Swing trading can be a much better option as compared to day trading. You can swing trade stock, forex, futures,options or ETFs in just 30-60 minutes each day as compared to day trading. Day trading is in fact a full time job.

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